Majestic Escape Game: Atlantide

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion5,0 stars    Puzzles   4,5 stars    Hosting   4,0 stars
Plus Minus
Beautiful decors.
Fun manipulations.
The watch giving time and hints.
A couple more puzzles would be welcome.

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Majestic escape game appeared to me to be the perfect escape game for a first review on this blog. It has been created by Rémi and Benjamin, creators of the excellent French-speaking blog (you can read the story of their project – in French – here). I was expecting a lot from this venue: the two founders have a huge experience of escape rooms, and could hopefully avoid the traditional pitfalls of escape room design. My expectations were not disappointed.

The reception is a very large space that looks like a luxurious movie theater reception hall. A great attention was given to every detail, with movie-style seats, comfortable couches and a large screen – up to the complimentary popcorn and soft drinks.

When I went there, one room only was open: Atlantide. You are part of a scientific expedition in a grotto under a volcano to find the lost treasure of Atlantide (made of orichalcum – but could it be that it contains the knowledge of this ancient civilization?). You have to hurry up though: the volcano is rumbling, and in one hour from now, it will wake up!


A member of your team will receive an electronic watch informing about the remaining time and giving the clues, which is a clever and (to my knowledge) unique way to do so without spoiling the immersion: I’ve seen too many times at other venues inadequate devices (like a big screen in a spooky cabin in the woods, or a walkie-talkie in a Western environment!) – or even worse, a gamemaster coming into the room to give the hints!


The immersion is definitely a huge asset of this escape game. You will really feel like being part of an Indiana Jones movie (or, for those whose grew up with this series, the Mysterious Cities of Gold), trying to figure out ancient marvelous mechanisms designed by a lost civilization. In particular, there are no digit padlocks – I certainly don’t miss them!

There are not many items to look for (which is not really a problem in itself, unless you’re a die-hard fan of the searching process), but the technology is used in a clever and immersive way, with very well designed manipulations. Even a couple of puzzles that are more classical still involve sophisticated mechanisms. One manipulation especially is very innovative and really requires to think outside the box. Some clues in the room are given in a very subtle way. It’s a recent room, so the owners are still in the process of solidifying some elements of the game, but it didn’t raise any problem for us. There are not so many puzzles in this escape game though, and I think the designers could have added at least one more.

majestic atlantide

The gamemaster gave us two clues during our game: one was perfectly timed, as we might have lost a lot of time looking at the wrong place otherwise; the second one, however, was given maybe a bit too fast, as we eventually ended up the game in 38 minutes – so it would have been nice to spend more time trying to solve the puzzle by ourselves. It was also nice to exchange my impressions on the international escape games scene afterwards with Benjamin, who has a large knowledge of escape games around the world.


Finally, this escape game is both easy enough to be played by beginners, and innovative to be interesting for confirmed players. All in all, this is an excellent game, which is now part of my top of Paris escape games.

Game played in December 2017

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