Lucardo: Espionage

Game experience: AVERAGE
Immersion3,0 stars    Puzzles3,0 stars    Hosting    3,5 stars
Plus Minus
A largely nonlinear puzzle structure, adequate for a group of beginners. Minimal immersion.
Very classical puzzles.

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I was passing by Manchester for work and had time to cram one escape game in my busy schedule. Lucardo seemed to have quite good reviews. I didn’t know anyone in Manchester to play with, but the owners nicely accepted that I would play it by myself for a small supplement. On the recommendation of the owner, I played Espionage, as other rooms would be impossible to play by myself. You are a British spy in 1938, and have to find back some stolen documents in an enemy bunker in one hour, before the guards change.

The immersion was decent but minimal: the room was relatively simply decorated, and the scenario was reduced to a minimum.

There were a lot of puzzles, relatively easy, which were a bit artificially inserted in the rooms. And locks, locks, locks everywhere! Never seen so many in one escape room – at some point I had to make a list of all locks and their position to keep track of the ones I still had to open! The puzzle structure, however, was largely nonlinear, which is quite good for keeping everyone busy in a large group. Some elements that could be found across the games did not have any function and might qualify as red herrings.

The gamemastering was adequate, and overall I received hints when I needed them.

All in all, this was a very classical first-generation room: simply decorated, with many locks and some riddles taken out of a book, and somewhat lacking imagination. However, despite its shortcomings, I had a nice – and very busy! – time completing this room, escaping with only two minutes left. There might be more exciting options in Manchester area though – read the comment on this post below by ‘Escape the review’. I would recommend this room for a group of beginners, who should have a pleasant time there, or for a couple of experienced players who want to go on a padlock opening spree.

Game played on September, 2017

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2 thoughts on “Lucardo: Espionage

  1. If you’re passing through that area again and have enough time, I strongly recommend trying Extremescape if you have access to a car, or Escape Quest if not. Both are outside Manchester, but not too far and have superb games.


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