Gamescape: Escape from ‘La Bastille’

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion Puzzles Hosting The entrance into the room, shackled and blindfolded. Well-adapted for beginners. Only one room (divided in two parts). One puzzle was artificially inserted. Book here I have already reviewed Gamescape for their Alchemist’s challenge, which is their most difficult room (soon to be replaced – hurry up if you want to try it!). On the other end of the … Continue reading Gamescape: Escape from ‘La Bastille’

Tempête sous un crâne: Liberty’s castaway

  Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting The backstory of Alfred Zweig. Well-suited for beginners. Might be a bit short for experienced players who have eyes (unlike us). Book here ‘Tempête sous un crâne’ is an escape game venue that opened its doors in mars 2016, the 21st in Paris. Despite their French-only website, their adventures are playable in English. They feature three rooms: ‘Liberty’s Castaway’ … Continue reading Tempête sous un crâne: Liberty’s castaway

LeavinRoom: Around the world in 60 minutes

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    A well-balanced mid-level escape game. No real scenario. Some red herrings. Book here Update (March 2018): This room has been closed. LeavinRoom was the 10th venue to open its doors in Paris, in January 2015. I was passing by in Paris for a few days in June 2016 and really wanted to try their game … Continue reading LeavinRoom: Around the world in 60 minutes

Gamescape: The Alchemist’s challenge

  Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion Puzzles Hosting Some well-thought puzzles. The original hint system. Simple decors. Lots of padlocks. Book here Warning: This room has now been closed. Gamescape is one of the historical escape game venue in Paris, the fourth one to open, in August 2014. One of the creator, Irving Le Hen, has been involved in a variety of escape game-related products, including … Continue reading Gamescape: The Alchemist’s challenge

Live Escape: Pharaoh’s tomb

  Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    A very immersive game. Creative puzzles, with no padlocks. One puzzle was a bit unclear. Book here A pharaoh’s tomb might seem like a natural setting for an escape game, but to my knowledge, there are not many escape game venues in France using such a theme. Admittedly, it might be difficult to build … Continue reading Live Escape: Pharaoh’s tomb