Happy hour: Professor Zoltan’s virus

Game experience: GOOD Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting  A room decorated by artists that fits well the theme. A few fun, science-inspired puzzles. A couple of pen-and-paper riddles. Book here ‘Happy hour escape game’ is one of the historical venue in Paris – the 6th one to open, in October 2014. They feature three rooms: one for beginners (‘Le cachot du chevalier noir’), and … Continue reading Happy hour: Professor Zoltan’s virus

Artimus: Ultimate Madrigal

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    An awesome pre-game experience. Very beautiful setting. Some cool mechanisms. One puzzle could be improved. Book here Even before entering the venue, you can guess that Artimus won’t be your typical escape game experience. This venue was opened by Artigo, a Parisian decoration company which has realized a large variety of installations, such as shopping mall … Continue reading Artimus: Ultimate Madrigal

Escape Masters: Italian mafia restaurant

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion    Puzzles     Hosting  The non-sequential puzzle structure. The musical immersion. A tad classical. Book here Before trying the impressive virtual reality experience ‘De-composed’, we had the chance to play the ‘Italian mafia restaurant’ room at the Griffintown-located ‘Escape Masters’. Your first challenge will be to find the venue inside the labyrinthine building (don’t worry though, it is well indicated). As … Continue reading Escape Masters: Italian mafia restaurant

LeavinRoom: Instinct de survie

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    A very elaborate, tensed atmosphere. Some original puzzles that will test various faculties. ∅ Book here ‘Saw’ is probably the perfect movie scenario to adapt as an escape room: trapped by a mad serial killer, his victims are left a glimpse of hope if they manage to solve all his twisted puzzled in a limited time. … Continue reading LeavinRoom: Instinct de survie

Casa Loma Escape series: King of the bootleggers

  Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    Great scenario Fantastic actor play Beautiful decorations Nothing Book here Casa Loma is a Gothic-revival style castle in Toronto that was built in the early 20th century. If you’ve watched ‘X-men’, ‘Johnny Mnemonic’ or ‘The skulls’, then you’ve seen it on screen. Sounds like a perfect setting for an escape game, right? Well, I have … Continue reading Casa Loma Escape series: King of the bootleggers

Tempête sous un crâne: The Elixir of Octave the Vampire

  Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting A good variety of puzzles. Some rare items. An aging puzzle. Some red herrings. Book here I’ve now played all three rooms at ‘Tempête sous un crâne’ (you can read here my review of ‘Liberty’s castaway’), but the first one I played was ‘The Elixir of Octave the Vampire’ (‘L’elixir d’Octave le vampire’, formerly called ‘Moi, Octave, 364 ans’). Octave … Continue reading Tempête sous un crâne: The Elixir of Octave the Vampire