Artimus: Ultimate Madrigal

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion5,0 stars    Puzzles   4,5 stars    Hosting   4,5 stars
Plus Minus
An awesome pre-game experience.
Very beautiful setting.
Some cool mechanisms.
One puzzle could be improved.

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Paris - Artimus - Logo.jpg

Even before entering the venue, you can guess that Artimus won’t be your typical escape game experience.


This venue was opened by Artigo, a Parisian decoration company which has realized a large variety of installations, such as shopping mall showcases or theatrical scenery items. This means that when it comes to decoration, they know what they’re doing.


My family and I are welcomed in this fantastic cabinet of curiosities by a very funny and helpful gamemaster, who offers us refreshments and candies. But this is just the official cover of this time travelling company. Here is all what remains from the last adventurers they sent into the past:


We are not very fond of meeting the same fate, so decide to listen carefully the instructions. We are about to be sent to 1590, in Naples, during the Italian Renaissance. We need to elucidate the disappearance of the beautiful Donna Maria, last seen at the home of the famous musician Carlo Gesulado. We will be sent just one hour before his home was destroyed by a fire. “Music soothes the soul”, as they say. Not this time. Let’s just hope that we won’t attract too much the attention of the uncanny musician…

Paris - Artimus - Porte du temps 2.jpg

The immersion of this adventure is, simply put, fantastic. This is in part due to the  remarkable pre-game experience, from our very first step into Professor Artimus’ cabinet, until we cross the steampunk time machine door into a mysterious time abyss. Once arrived at destination, the Renaissance architecture of the large dwelling is perfectly reproduced, and you could easily be tempted to just sit in a sofa and appreciate the elegant beauty of the place, if you didn’t know that your unwilling host might be lurking around. The scenario is relatively sophisticated too, with many subtle details adding some flesh to the story.

Paris - Artimus - Ultimate madrigal - Partitions 2.jpg

There is a nice variety of puzzles, involving pretty cool mechanisms – and refreshingly, not a single padlock. Only one puzzle was in my opinion ambiguous, and required perception skills that you might not have, unless you were gifted at birth with the eyes of a bionic hawk. Well, the venue opened recently, so I hope they will soon fix this part and make the whole experience even better.

Paris - Artimus - Ultimate madrigal - Cheminée.jpg

Finally, our gamemaster gave us the hints at the right time, and made sure to create a fun atmosphere thanks to some eccentric requests. Moreover, he is a true music passionate, and could shared his knowledge of some antique items in the room.

Paris - Artimus - Gamemasters.jpg

We eventually solved the mystery and could exit the room in 51 minutes and 44 seconds, which was close enough to the time limit to give us some adrenaline boost. Overall, this was a fantastic experience. This venue has the best pre-game experience of all 88 escape games I have played to this day across four countries. Thanks to this specificity – as well as to its very elegant in-game decorations and overall balance – ‘Ultimate madrigal’ ranks in my top 5 of Paris favorite escape games, out of more than 35 games I played there. No hesitation, you have to join the ranks of Professor Artimus’ time travelers; and if I were you, I would do it sooner rather than later, as it will certainly become quickly fully booked with its rising fame. Just make sure not to come back as a transparent jelly, like some other time travelers did!

Game tested in March 2018

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