Happy hour: Professor Zoltan’s virus

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Game experience: GOOD
Immersion4,0 stars    Puzzles   4,0 stars    Hosting 4,0 stars
Plus Minus
A room decorated by artists that fits well the theme.
A few fun, science-inspired puzzles.
A couple of pen-and-paper riddles.

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Paris - Happy Hour - Logo.jpg

‘Happy hour escape game’ is one of the historical venue in Paris – the 6th one to open, in October 2014. They feature three rooms: one for beginners (‘Le cachot du chevalier noir’), and two which are more challenging (‘Professor Zoltan’s virus’ and ‘Police academy of Palamento City’). The venue is set up on the ground floor with a large waiting space. To warm your brain up, you can solve a few riddles on a large puzzle box (which has inspired their new escape game café ‘Blédard-sur-Seine’) – a very nice initiative!

Paris - Happy Hour - Reception.jpg

But let’s get back to the real business: the mad professor Zoltan has created a virus that will turn the whole humanity into zombies, and he intends to use it soon. He is currently interviewed on TV, and this is your only chance to enter into his laboratory and destroy his virus (maybe he’s not so smart after all…).

Paris - Happy Hour - Professor Zoltan s virus - room 1 bis.jpg

The main reason I was curious to play this escape game is that some of its rooms have been designed by contemporary artists, and I must say that I was not disappointed by the result. Each room has its own visual atmosphere reflecting a different side of Prof. Zoltan’s troubled psyche, which contributes to an original immersion.

Paris - Happy Hour - Professor Zoltan s virus - room 2 and bis

When coming there, I had no special expectations about the puzzles. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to see that although a couple of them involved some basic pen-and-paper riddles, several others involved fun manipulations, illustrating interesting scientific constructs (don’t worry, you won’t need much computing skills in this room).

Paris - Happy Hour - Professor Zoltan s virus - room 4.jpg

Finally, the welcome was friendly and the gamemaster only helped us a couple of times when we started to get frustrated on a puzzle, so this was a good gamemastering work. He also has some interesting stories to tell about some elements depicted in the room.

Paris - Happy Hour - Professor Zoltan s virus - pixabay professor.jpg

In a nutshell, this was an interestingly designed room, and the only escape game I know in Paris (or anywhere in the world for that matter – if you know any other, shout up!) that is decorated by contemporary artists. If you want to know more about some of those artists, you can see their work here for Sylvie Katz and here for Luc Grateau (who is famous for painting on subway tickets). Just try to forget the shadow of mad professor Zoltan in their work!

Game tested in March 2018

You can find here an article (in French) of ‘Escape game Paris’ presenting the artists whose work is featured in this escape game.

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