Clue & Co: The Crypt

Game experience: GOOD

Immersion4,5 stars    Puzzles   4,0 stars    Hosting   3,5 stars
Plus Minus
Original manipulations and few padlocks.

Some beautiful elements.

The gamemaster guidance could be better integrated in the atmosphere.

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Paris - Clue&Co - logo

L’Anticafé is this branch of pleasant cafés where you pay depending on how long you stay, rather than on what you order.

Paris - Clue&Co - locaux 2.jpg

The Anticafé in République is special though: if you scratch its cosy surface, you will discover that it hides the entrance to both a disorientating bar and an eerie vampire crypt. We could not determine whether the vampire feeds by night on the partygoers that drunk too much in the bar. But in any case, we had to stop this creature of the night! Armed with our courage only, we went down the stairs to find the entrance of the spooky crypt.

Paris - Clue&Co - La crypte - Statue.png

The decors of the rooms are quite elaborate, and I was impressed when I learned that the escape game managers made them by themselves (although the puzzle elements are imported from the Russian company “City quest factory”). Gothic statues, large coffins, esoteric symbols, large horror-fantasy paintings: every material detail will make sure you are immersed in the atmosphere.


The puzzles are quite varied, and involved many different kinds of manipulations (congrats if you found the answer of the very first puzzle without the help of the gamemaster!), all of them well integrated in the environment. Very few padlocks here, which is nice. Moreover, there are many rooms, each including a handful of puzzles – making it somewhat similar to an ‘adventure room’ (like the ones you can find in the US at ‘5 wits’).


The welcome was wonderful and the gamemastering attentive – though maybe a bit too much, as we sometimes barely had the time to think by ourselves before the gamemaster would already give us a hint. A drawback is that the help of the gamemaster through a microphone was not very well integrated in the environment, but the game managers are thinking about some strategies to make this aspect better.


Overall, ‘The crypt’ was a pleasant escape game, with a lot of potential to be improved even further, and led by a very dynamic team of managers. And don’t forget: if you need some liquid courage to go down the crypt, there is a bar upstairs that you can visit first! (though its exit is not so well indicated)

Game tested in March 2018

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