Missions Morpheus: Bloody Mary

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Immersion4,5 stars    Puzzles 4,5 stars    Hosting  4,0 stars
Plus Minus
Fun and creative puzzles.
Original atmosphere.
A room reset hiccup before our game.

Warning: This room has now been closed.


‘Mission Morpheus’ is a movie theater that opened at the end of 2016 near Jean Talon subway. Or at least, this is their official cover: in fact, they are an agency sending secret agents to solve (very!) difficult missions around the world. Each of their game is inspired by a different filmmaker: Alejandro Jodorowsky for Babel, David Cronenberg for Domination, Stanley Kubrick for Atlantis and Tim Burton for Bloody Mary. I had played Babel shortly after it opened, in January 2017, and enjoyed it a lot; I was therefore looking forward to come back to test their other rooms. We chose this time to play their recent room ‘Bloody Mary’.


The welcome hall is very spacious and puts you right away in a movie theater atmosphere. Shortly after your arrival, you will be briefed in a discrete small room, immersing you before your mission actually starts in your secret agent role – in a very ‘Mission: Impossible’-like atmosphere.


“Transylvania, 2026. Humans and vampires have been cohabitating for centuries now: the former occupy the day and the latter, the night. However, over the course of the last month, many witnesses claim to have seen vampires wandering about… in broad daylight. If true, the human race would be in grave danger. Agent 004 was dispatched to the “Rhesus Lounge”, a well-known vampire bar, to investigate. But she has not been heard of since…

Your team inherits the file. You go to the Rhesus. In plain clothes, you sip on a “zombie” while observing the fauna… until you feel your eyelids grow heavy and… Blackout. When you awaken, to your horror, you discover that you are hand-cuffed in the lounge’s cold room…”

Morpheus - Bloody Mary

The immersion is successful thanks to a few factors. Starting handcuffed, you will feel right away the stress of the situation. The decor of the first room is relatively simple, but becomes more and more impressive later in the game – and the Tim Burton’s inspiration more and more obvious.


The puzzles are overall very fun, and definitely a strong asset of this room. The first ones will require a good team cooperation. A couple of puzzles involve impressive manipulations and special effects: if you always dreamed as a kid to become a chemist or an electrical engineer, then this room will have quite a few delightful surprises for you!


Finally, the welcome was friendly and immersive, and the gamemaster efficient in suggesting us to ask for hints when we were late. There was a small problem in the first room: as one element was put in a wrong place, we used it in an unplanned “creative” way – and the gamemaster had to enter the room to reset it; but we have been discussing with them afterwards to suggest ways to avoid that the same problem reappears in the future.


With an escape rate of 5%, this is difficult room, and despite our escape experience, we did not succeed it. You can chose your maximal number of hints during the briefing: 7, 4 or 1. Even for experienced players, I would recommend without hesitation to chose 7 hints, and to use less if you don’t need them. The atmosphere of this room is quite original, as it mixes two different kinds of universe (vampire and Tim Burton) in an original way. This room is definitely recommended, especially for experienced players who want a real challenge with creative puzzles!

Game tested in April 2018

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