Top in Paris


Of the 154 escape games I have played around the world (as of February 2019), it is in Paris that I have played the most – 56 of them. Determining a top of those is a tough choice, as the quality of escape games in France is quite high. But here are my 9 favorites! They are not ranked, as each was an excellent experience in its own way. Note that three of them belong to the horror theme, which is, I think, especially conducive of strong emotions and impressive memories.

Paris - Artimus - Porte du temps 2

Ultimate Madrigal, by Artimus: A fantastic travel across the gates of time to a luxurious Italian Renaissance villa with a lurking presence. My best pre-game experience  anywhere in the world.


La Pièce Odyssey, by La Pièce: Very sophisticated decors for all fans of ‘2001, Space Odyssey’ out there who love science fiction with a dash of mysticism.

Paris - Lock Academy - Très Cher Lock - intérieur 1440x810

Little Miss Lock, by Lock Academy: Will you discover what happened to Cher Lock? A flawless gameplay in which you have to discover a myriad of pieces of evidence of all kinds to solve the mystery.

majestic atlantide

Atlantide, by Majestic escape game: For all explorers among us who dream to unlock hi-tech mechanisms of a lost civilization.

Paris - One Hour - Lost Asylum - room

Lost Asylum, by One Hour: A real gem of tension and paranoia. Wait, what was this noise?


The Cursed Crypt, by Skeleton key: The only escape game in Paris that touts using actors – and very good ones, I must say. And the only escape game where I saw myself dying.

Paris - LeavinRoom - Saw - killer 2

Instinct de survie, by Leavinroom: Filthy, oppressing, difficult and excellent. For people who like to put their hands or head in dubious places; I mean, what could go wrong?

Paris - Incarna - Characters

The Trial, by Incarna: This one is not a classical escape game, but a very immersive virtual reality experience with escape-game-like features in which you roam a parallel dimension.

Paris - Lock Academy - L'examen

L’examen, by Lock Academy: A wonderful room, which is for now unfortunately only playable in French.

Finally, on top of those excellent rooms, very good rooms in Paris I have played to include (I haven’t reviewed yet the 4 last ones):

  • Evolvis‘ at Immersia (a great roleplay experience in a dystopian future)
  • Operation Balkans‘ at Quest Factory (with amazing “electronic magic”)
  • The Patient of Room 8‘ at Epsilon Escape (a variety of immersive spaces and fun manipulations)
  • Freak Show’ at Artimus (a wonderful immersion)
  • The Lost Temple of Cthulhu‘ at Immersia (an immersive jungle simulation full of Cthulhu magic)
  • The Kidnapping’ at The Game (great scenario)
  • Buried alive’ at Destination Danger (a unique six feet under experience – only in French)
  • Very bad night’ at One Hour (for living the Hangover dream – only in French)
  • Recherche sous tension’ at l’Escapatoire (lots of surprises and humor – only in French)

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