Top in Paris


Of the 178 escape games I have played around the world (as of July 2019), it is in Paris that I have played the most – 66 of them. Determining a top of those is a tough choice, as the quality of escape games in Paris is quite high. But here are my 10 favorites! They are not ranked, as each was an excellent experience in its own way.

zoltan-tasi-5aYSoD6HW8E-unsplash copie

The space scrapers steampunk adventures, by Immersia: A thrilling scenario taking place in a very beautiful steampunk spaceship, enhanced by super fun interactions with the gamemaster!

milkovi-eNLyZaguqC4-unsplash light

The Shelter, by Crack the Egg: A smart use of technology extends this post-apocalyptic game beyond now and here, and makes it a wonderful display of machinery. For all fans of Fallout out there!

Paris - Artimus - Porte du temps 2

Ultimate Madrigal, by Artimus: A fantastic travel across the gates of time to a luxurious Italian Renaissance villa with a lurking presence. My best pre-game experience  anywhere in the world.


La Pièce Odyssey, by La Pièce: Very sophisticated decors for all fans of ‘2001, Space Odyssey’ out there who love science fiction with a dash of mysticism.

Paris - Lock Academy - Très Cher Lock - intérieur 1440x810

Little Miss Lock, by Lock Academy: Will you discover what happened to Cher Lock? A flawless gameplay in which you have to discover a myriad of pieces of evidence of all kinds to solve the mystery.

majestic atlantide

Atlantide, by Majestic escape game: For all explorers among us who dream to unlock hi-tech mechanisms of a lost civilization.

Paris - One Hour - Lost Asylum - room

Lost Asylum, by One Hour: A real gem of tension and paranoia. Wait, what was this noise?


The Cursed Crypt, by Skeleton key: The only escape game in Paris that touts using actors – and very good ones, I must say. And the only escape game where I saw myself dying.

Paris - LeavinRoom - Saw - killer 2

Instinct de survie, by Leavinroom: Filthy, oppressing, difficult and excellent. For people who like to put their hands or head in dubious places; I mean, what could go wrong?

Paris - Incarna - Characters

The Trial, by Incarna: This one is not a classical escape game, but a very immersive virtual reality experience with escape-game-like features in which you roam a parallel dimension.

Paris - Lock Academy - L'examen

L’examen, by Lock Academy: A wonderful room, which is for now unfortunately only playable in French.

Finally, on top of those excellent rooms, very good rooms in Paris I have played to include (I haven’t reviewed yet the 4 last ones):

  • Evolvis‘ at Immersia (a great roleplay experience in a dystopian future)
  • Operation Balkans‘ at Quest Factory (with amazing “electronic magic”)
  • The Patient of Room 8‘ at Epsilon Escape (a variety of immersive spaces and fun manipulations)
  • Freak Show’ at Artimus (a wonderful immersion)
  • The Lost Temple of Cthulhu‘ at Immersia (an immersive jungle simulation full of Cthulhu magic)
  • The Kidnapping’ at The Game (great scenario)
  • Buried alive’ at Destination Danger (a unique six feet under experience – only in French)
  • Very bad night’ at One Hour (for living the Hangover dream – only in French)
  • Recherche sous tension’ at l’Escapatoire (lots of surprises and humor – only in French)

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