Lock Academy: Little Miss Lock

Game experience: EXCELLENT
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4,5 stars 5,0 stars 4,5 stars
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A flawless gameplay.
A high quality visual and auditive immersion.
A real mystery to solve.
Nothing of importance.

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Have you always dreamed of becoming an expert detective? Then I have good news: there is now a solution for you – the Lock Academy! This famous institution, headed by Professor Lock, will train you to become the next Hercule Poirot, Columbo or Sherlock. But today, the Lock Academy is in crisis.

Paris - Lock Academy - billets.jpg

“Professor Lock is worried. He hasn’t heard from the most talented new Academy recruit: his only daughter, Cher. You and your team need to find out what happened to her and to find her safe and sound.

But before you start your investigations, Professor entrusts you with some information: his daughter was deep into a very large scale investigation. The Professor is convinced that his daughter’s disappearance is related to her mysterious research. Search Cher’s room and find all the clues.

By retracing her footsteps in this mystery game, you’ll discover that Cher may not be the only one in danger…”

Paris - Lock Academy - Très Cher Lock - oiseau

This game features a very impressive immersion. You start in the elegant room of a typical college girl, but there is obviously more to discover once you scratch the surface. The game designers have chosen classical escape environments (you could even say “escape game archetypes”), but made of those something unique. First, they are pushed to very high standards of realization, with a great care in every detail. Second, the contrast between them makes the transition from one to the other really striking. Third, there is a mystery that you have to solve here, and which makes this transition coherent: the statement “there is more than meets the eyes” applies at many levels and several times during your adventure here! Fourth, the sound and lightning perfectly accompanies the evolution between atmospheres. Finally, the gamemastering is very well integrated in the room, with the professor Lock communicating through a dedicated TV to help you during your investigation. My only small criticism concerning the immersion would be the “view” through the window of the first room, which I thought was a bit cheap – but Romain the manager told me that they actually plan to change it very soon.

Paris - Lock Academy - books.jpg

I’m generally picky about escape game puzzles, and until now, I had never given five stars to the puzzles on this blog. But there should be a first time for everything! The gameplay has a rare harmony and fluidity. The room features a wonderful variety of electronics-based mechanisms and technological devices from all ages – I counted only two padlocks in the whole room. No artificially inserted riddle here! It is fascinating to reconstruct what happened from a variety of pieces of evidence under various formats. There is a significant amount of searching to do, including at quite original places. Moreover, there will be something to do for every kind of players – both experienced and beginners: I played the room with my parents (who have little escape experience) and a first-timer, and they all had fun participating to the searching process and puzzle resolution, while my sister and me, who have more experience, were busy with the more elaborate puzzles. Some puzzles even automatically become easier as time goes by, to adapt to every players’ level!

Paris - Lock Academy - professeur Lock.jpg

The welcome was attentive and the gamemastering well-made, with hints being provided at the right time – indeed, we exited with just a few minutes left after 56 minutes and 29 seconds, which was perfect for experiencing the stress increasing up to the very last minutes.

Paris - Lock Academy - meilleurs temps.jpg

Labsterium was involved in the construction of the room, which confirms its very high quality work (they also designed many elements for the Atlantide game at Majestic Escape Game). This game is a masterpiece of elegance – and for this reason, it joins my “Top in Paris”.

Paris - Lock Academy - hats escape the world

Note that the Lock academy rooms are also offered as a franchise, and a new venue will soon open in Toulouse, featuring both Little Miss Lock and A Near Perfect Murder. Finally, the Paris Lock Academy just opened no less than three new rooms in May 2018, at a new nearby venue, some of which seem to elaborate on scenaristic elements that appear in Little Miss Lock – I cannot wait to discover them during my next stay in Paris!

Game tested in April 2018

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