Escape The Room: Jurassic Escape

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion5,0 stars    Puzzles 5,0 stars    Hosting   4,0 stars
Plus Minus
A fantastic immersion enhanced by a clever use of hi-tech
Excellent puzzles, well integrated to the environment

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If you’ve watched Jurassik Park, you must have wondered how you would feel if trapped on an isolated island surrounded by dangerous dinosaurs. Well, I have good news for you, this is precisely the experience that offers Escape the Room in various venues across in the US! (Washington DC, New York city, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Scottsdale) They opened their new room Jurassic Escape in their DC venue just when I was visiting, so I jumped on the opportunity to book a slot, joining a team of four strangers (anyone can join your team unless you book the whole room).

Washington - Escape the Room - Jurassic Escape - island.jpg

“You have been informed an evil organization is intent on producing armies of dinosaurs. Your mission it to infiltrate their operation, locate the dinosaur master DNA that all the dinosaurs are produced from, and destroy the master DNA. You have one hour left before the evil organization ramps up production of their dinosaurs – can you escape in time to stop them?”

The immersion is fantastic – so much that I actually hesitated to give more than 5 stars! Imagine if a Disney would open an escape room: well, that would probably lead to something like this game. Many hi-tech elements further your immersion: automata, large screen, animated elements, noise… A great attention was given to details, and you will really feel surrounded by those dangerous creatures, thanks to a couple of exhilarating special effects. There were even some Eastern eggs (pun intended, you’ll see) referring to the Jurassik Park movie.

Washington - Escape the Room - Jurassic Escape - Two dinos.jpg

The puzzles are also excellent, with a strong emphasis on manipulations. There is only one padlock in the whole game, nearly all puzzles are second generation and enhance the magic of the room. If you love playing with big machines, you will have a blast here! There were not many items to look for, but two of them were really difficult to find – kudos to you if you found them without hints!

Finally, the gamemastering was good, with adequate hints being provided when we needed them, that did not gave away the solution, but merely helped us to find it.

Washington - Escape the Room - Jurassic Escape - tent.jpg

This game would be difficult to complete without any hints, but fortunately, you can ask as many as you want. The emphasis is therefore not on the performance, but on the experience, which is I think a good gameplay decision. There are quite a lot of puzzles to solve, and we exited the room with just a few minutes left, after having experienced the tension pumping up till the very end.

In a nutshell, this room is fantastic. It was my favorite experience of the 10 escape rooms I played in the DC area, and certainly ranks in my top 5 of all the 117 rooms I have played across various countries to this date. And it’s nice that you can play this room in a range of Escape The Room venues in the US! So if you see this game in your area, do not hesitate, and go play it! And be reassured: as you can read from their website: “No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of Jurassic Escape.”

Game played in July 2018 (Photos: Pixabay)

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