Locurio: The Storykeeper

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
5,0 stars 4,5 stars 5,0 stars
Plus Minus
A fantastic actor play 

The device accompanying you during your adventure

Beautiful decors

A well-thought gameplay


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Seattle - Locurio - The Storykeeper

There must be something magical in the air of the Fremont area in Seattle: a troll coming out of the ground, a park where strange factory-shaped constructions seem to grow out of nowhere… and Locurio, one of the most fantastic escape venues I have visited in Northern America. Summer Herrick, co-founder of the venue, played more than 400 escape rooms, so you can trust her to know what she’s doing when she designs one of those. Their first room The Vanishing Act got stellar reviews from many enthusiasts, so I was very much looking forward to discover their new game, The Storykeeper.


“You’ve heard whispered tales of a mysterious book collection and its curator, an elusive figure known only as Jak. Rumor has it that Jak is seeking adventurous souls to retrieve a valuable item, a treasure which Jak claims to have lost in a most peculiar place… Do you dare to answer Jak’s summons and explore the secrets of the hidden library?”


The immersion was fantastic from start to finish, with a great attention to every detail in the decors, props or actors’ play. We started our adventure in Jak’s magical library, and embarked on a fantastic journey after a very immersive transition – to which contributed the most fitting hint-providing prop I’ve ever seen. The spaces are very big, and feel even larger at some point, thanks to a clever idea that enables you to visit other rooms without physically moving into them.

Seattle - Locurio - The Storykeeper - Market.jpg

I must say that I was a bit worried when I entered the library – I hate browsing endlessly through books in an escape game, to see if something is hidden between two pages – but fortunately, the gameplay is very well-thought, and nothing like this will be necessary, or even allowed. Most puzzles during the adventure are innovative in some significant way, and several of them involve very satisfying manipulations. Various cognitive and perceptual abilities will be tested during your adventure, so everyone should find the kind of puzzles they like.

Seattle - Locurio - The Storykeeper - Players.jpg

Finally, the hosting of the game was simply perfect. We were first provided general instructions about our adventure in a separate room, and could then enter the library. The actors were fantastic: I’m sure the librarian has some theater background – I’ve rarely, if ever, seen such a convincing character in an escape game! Finally, the hints were provided at the right timing, and the two of us exited the room with barely a couple of minutes to spare from the 70 minutes alloted time.


The Storykeeper was an enthralling experience, and is one of my very few escape experiences I would call a must-play. Note that the price is the same whatever the size of your party – and they won’t group you with strangers – so you might want to bring four or five people with you to cut the individual price down. Fortunately, the game structure is largely parallel, so nobody should feel without anything to do, even if you’re a group of 5 or 6. Be careful though: if you play this room, you might want to stay there and never leave!

Game tested in August 2018 (Photos: Locurio)

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