Immersia: The Picadilly Cabaret

Game experience: VERY GOOD
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Sophisticated immersion enhanced by lights, sounds and videos. Some puzzles are a bit classical.

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Just after exiting the creepy cabin of Weekend at the Shack, we started with Alexandra and Virginie from OWAG a new adventure at Immersia Laval.

“You’re in a 1930’s London abandoned cabaret, the one where the famous diva Emma Albani would perform shows before her death. Recently, you have learned that the cabaret will be destroyed. Rumors are floating around that Emma Albani’s dressing room has been condemned and since then inaccessible.

To celebrate the day of her death, you decide to explore the cabaret yourself. What you might ignore is that legend says, every anniversary of her death, the people that enter the cabaret, never come out alive. Is entering really a good idea? Beware the ghost of Emma Albani, it could still be roaming.” (Immersia)

Laval - Immersia - Picadilly cabaret - Death

Like at Weekend at the Shack, the immersion is very sophisticated and clearly a strong asset of the room – as testified by the name of the venue. The light and sound effects as well as the very beautiful decors contribute to a great immersion. Some effects are well designed to express the supernatural nature of the atmosphere – I would have love to see even more of those – and there is even a clever device at some point that could make you doubt of your own reality!

The puzzles are classical but well integrated in the adventure, contributing to a pleasant gameplay. The item searching is quite easy, except for one element. The first half of the adventure is relatively sequential, whereas the second half has a more parallel structure.

Laval - Immersia - Picadilly cabaret - Painting

Finally, the gamemaster helped us through an antique phone. You can ask as many hints as you want, but the somewhat long process to contact him will probably deter you to contact him to often – which is good!

Because the puzzles are quite classical, this room might be slightly more geared towards beginners, but even seasoned escapers should enjoy it very much (we all certainly did). The immersion of this game and Week-end at the Shack make the trip to Laval very worthwhile if you are in Montreal. Both those games have entered into my top 5 in the Montreal area, out of around 25 games played there!

Game tested in August 2018 (Photos: Immersia)

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