Questomatica: Wake Up!

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,5 stars
Plus Minus
The atmosphere backed by light and sound effects
The puzzles all being congruent with the setting

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Matilda’s dreams are always happy and cheerful, but this time something went wrong. Thousands of fantasies, riddles and illusions got mixed up in a mysterious and unpredictable knot, and you are trapped right in the middle of it!

Become a part of an exciting adventure full of unexpected twists, unique tasks and unusual riddles. Carefully designed setting, light and sound effects create a truly immersive atmosphere providing experience that will be difficult to forget.

Situated a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam Centraal Station, Questomatica is a venue offering two escape rooms, of which we tested the older one, Wake Up!

You might think that it’s a simple little girl’s bedroom you’re walking into when the game begins… but the light and sound effects will quickly remind you this is all about a little girl’s dream! These effects, along with the setting, make up for an immersive room, the dreamlike aspect being even at times a tad scary—nothing better to motivate the players to escape! We also enjoyed the “magical mirror” used to count time and deliver hints, presented in such a way so as to maintain the dreamy ambiance.

The puzzles too add to the immersion since they all cleverly use items appropriate for a child’s bedroom, offering a nice balance between manipulation and reflection while keeping the item searching to a minimum.

Regarding the hosting, past the warm welcome and the enthusiastic introduction to the room, what we especially liked was the timely-provided hints—we used two of them—that were delivered at the discretion of the gamemistress, which I personally find a far better system than leaving the hint-asking to the players, the former obviously having a better knowledge of the progress, and therefore of the need for hints, of the players. Another smart move from the creators is that the hints can be delivered in no less than nine languages!

Our team of two eventually managed to escape ten minutes before the end, having used two hints. Wake Up! turned out to be an enjoyable intermediary-leveled room, offering an entertaining experience both to beginners and more seasoned escapists. Do not hesitate to also visit Questomatica’s latest room Arcade Invasion, which aroused our curiosity and we hope to visit soon!

Game tested in November 2018 (photos: Annie Spratt via Unsplash, Questomatica)

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