Limitless: The Warrant


Game experience: VERY GOOD
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,0 stars
Plus Minus
The difficulty of the puzzles
The anxiety
The story
The cooperation
Lots of code locks

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Situated a few steps away from the National Taiwan University, Limitless is an English-friendly venue hosting two rooms (with a third one coming up soon!). We had the chance to test each of them (see the review of the other room here).

The Warrant sends you, as a member of the Limitless detective agency, investigating the whereabouts of a missing colleague who had recently reopened the ten-year-old case of a little girl’s disappearance. Your investigation leads you to an apartment where people, including your colleague, seem to mysteriously vanish. Will you share their fate, or solve the secrets surrounding this apartment?


Yours truly and his team of three detectives jumped on the occasion to show our investigating prowess. Finding ourselves inside the room, it wasn’t long before the apartment’s atmosphere created in each one of us a feeling of anxiety, feeling that, as we progressed, only intensified—nothing being a better indicator of great immersion! Adding to that the multifaceted story that unfolded as we moved on, the Warrant kept us delightfully engaged from start to finish.

The completion of the room necessitated that we go through a fair amount of code-based locks, a repeating pattern that was saved from monotony by the diversity of riddles necessary to solve, some of them very original. The room also demanded a generous amount of cooperation and task division—and aspect too easily forgotten in the world of escape games. The difficulty of the puzzles was spread out across the spectrum, the hardest ones leaving us delightfully stumped until the gamemaster came to our rescue with his timely hints.


Technically, yours truly and his team disappeared to oblivion as we couldn’t finish the room on time, although players are offered a gracious extra dozen minutes to complete the game. We thoroughly enjoyed both the gamemaster’s welcome and debrief—including some secret footage of our efforts to solve the mystery!

Overall, the Warrant is a difficult yet finishable room, standing out with its story, its immersion and its cooperation. If you happen to visit Taipei, you would be greatly mistaken not to pay it a visit—unless, of course, you get stuck and vanish within its walls!

Game tested in December 2018 (photos: Limitless)

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No other English review found (let us know if you reviewed this game, so that we can list you here!)

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