Freeing Canada Station: Unforeseeable Pyramide

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The scenario

The variety of mechanisms

One malfunctioning puzzle

The gamemaster entering the room

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Freeing Canada Station is located in Toronto’s boonies, so we played two games in a row when going there. The first one was Unforeseeable pyramid.

“You were asked to clean out the office of an archeology professor, Dr. Johnathan Bancroft, who has been mysteriously missing for over 10 years. As you were collecting books and research papers into cardboard boxes, you came across a peculiar looking journal belonging to the professor. Its last entry read: ‘ It has been one week since Professor Milligan left to a newly discovered Egyptian pyramid. His research assistant returned 3 days ago without him, pale as a ghost: he was instructed to watch the equipment outside of the pyramid, but after an hour, he heard terrifying screams… and then only the silence. I must find out what happened to Dr. Milligan.’ You and a group of adventurers decide to embark on a journey to the ancient pyramid to unravel the mystery of the missing professors.” (text adapted from Freeing Canada Station)

The immersion was very decent, even if it did not reach the quality of other very immersive Egyptian rooms I tried (such as Anubis Tomb in Montreal or Pharaoh’s Tomb in Grenoble). The decors were convincing, with a nice variety of rooms and a fun evolution of the scenario. The puzzles were interestingly varied and some of them were quite clever. One puzzle was damaged though, and its mechanism was triggered by a short-circuit – too bad, as it was an ingenious puzzle. The welcome by the room manager was friendly, but the introduction to the scenario by the gamemaster could have been more convincing, and he entered into the room when we asked for hints, which damaged the immersion. We ended the room with 10:58 left – but remember that we bypassed one of the difficult puzzle: it is not an easy game. Overall, this was a fun room to play, and would constitute an interesting challenge for intermediate to advanced players.

Game played on December 2018 (Photo: Freeing Canada Station)

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