Freeing Canada Station: Pirate’s Prize

Game experience: GOOD
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,5 stars 3,5 stars
Plus Minus
Nice wooden decors 

A good puzzle structure

The limited number of puzzles 

The gamemaster entering the room

Book here

“A friend aboard the Red Pearl has tipped you off that its captain, Silverstone, has acquired an artifact worth a hundred times its weight in gold. To gain entry to the ship, you hatch a plan to track down Silverstone in port and insult his mother. It works. You’re locked up in the Quartermaster’s room and sentenced to walk the plank to your death at sunrise. You have one hour left to locate the artifact and make your escape, or find yourself feeding the sharks.” (text: Freeing Canada Station)

The decors are nice, with beautiful wood covering the room to emphasize the pirate’s ship feel. Starting shackled and blindfolded definitely added to the immersion too. What must have been an awesome immersion a few years ago has however now become just good, as the average quality of decors in escape game has increased significantly. The goal (finding a sign saying you won) is a bit anticlimactic too. The puzzles are adequately varied, involving fun mechanisms rather than padlocks and an interesting variety of manipulations, including a last one that felt magical; the room was a bit short for my taste though, and we finished it with 17 minutes left in the counter. Finally, the welcome from the manager was friendly, and the gamemastering adequate, except that the gamemaster entered into the room to give us the hints, which damaged the immersion.

Overall, this was a good room, and it would be an excellent introduction for beginners!

Game played in December 2018 (photo: Freeing Canada Station)

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