Mayze: Escape with Usavich

Game experience: GOOD
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,0 stars 3,5 stars
Plus Minus
The humor and twisted logic Somewhat simple decors at place

A gamemaster lacking enthusiasm

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You and your friends are watching cartoons at home when it finally happens, you guys get sucked into the television. You appear before a warden who immediately throws you in jail. You look around the cell and you find yourself inside a cartoon world. You need to escape, but have no clue on what to do. Perhaps your cellmate could lend you a hand.” (text: Mayze)

Mayze is located quite far off Toronto city center, so as in Freeing Canada Station, it made sense to play two games in a row while being there!

The first game evolved in the universe of “Usavich”, a series of animated short films telling the story of two rabbits imprisoned in a Soviet Gulag in 1959. So yes, this is yet another prison-break escape, but not the kind you are used to!

The immersion was good, emphasizing the cartoonish nature of the adventure, with some refreshing humor. Thanks to a clever device, it is Usavich himself who will brief you when entering every new room. Some decors might have been a bit more elaborate though. There is a fun variety of puzzles that will make you discover the twisted logic of this universe. One puzzle, in particular, tested our agility in a fun-if-slightly-frustrating way, because of one element that should have been visible but was not. The hosting was decent, despite a slightly unconvincing introduction and a gamemaster who seemed to be a bit annoyed by our questions during the debriefing. You can ask for as many hints as you want, although more than 3 will count as a defeat. Our team of three experienced players completed the room with 5 minutes left on the counter and one hint used.

Overall, this was a really fun room that should appeal to beginners, families, as well as experienced players. Stay tuned for our review of The Truth of Osaka High at the same venue!

Game played in December 2018 (photo: Mayze)

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