Mayze: The Truth of Osaka High

Game experience: GOOD
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,0 stars 3,0 stars
Plus Minus
A very well-made creepy atmosphere Some puzzles maladjusted 

Not enough time planned between two groups

Book here

After playing the light and fun “Escape with Usavich“, it was now time for us to move to a much darker atmosphere.

“Your friend Aya was found dead hanging in the school’s washroom, however the body went missing before the police arrived. The school was shut down shortly afterwards. You and your friends decide to enter the abandoned school at night to investigate and find the truth about Aya’s death.” (text: Mayze)

The immersion is very well made, creepy but not outright scary. If you like multi-rooms escape, you will have a blast here! There is a really nice variety of rooms, getting progressively darker. The “don’t touch” signs are a bit out of place though. The puzzles were classical but well-made, eschewing padlocks in favor of electro-magnet triggers. The very first puzzle might be a tad too difficult for a start though, and there is a couple others that we solved by accident. As for the hosting, it could be better. We could not make the debriefing inside the room because another group was starting 15 minutes after we finished, which is way too short. Therefore, I still have no idea how a couple of puzzles were supposed to work. Also, no team picture was taken. The general atmosphere was very business-oriented, with an emphasis on cramming as many groups as possible one after another rather than taking the time to discuss with players.

This was not an easy escape game, and we failed on the last puzzles after having used our three clues. Despite the imperfect hosting, this escape game was remarkable for its dark atmosphere and stands very much recommended for any experienced team!

Game played in December 2018 (photo: Tertia van Rensburg on Unsplash)

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