Immersia: Evolvis

Game experience: VERY GOOD
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A fantastic gamemaster animation

Some original puzzles

Somewhat simple decor

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“In a close future, the overpopulation and intensive industry have critically diminished the Earth’s resources. The company Evolvis organizes the exodus of a part of humanity towards the planet Utopia, selecting those who succeed to their sensorial trials of the program “A choice for all”, in their mysterious testing center.

You are a commando of Philistines, a rebellion led by the survivalist hacker Jihelem, who is looking for proofs to denounce the lies of Evolvis. But to help him, the only way is to enter into the highly secured locals of Evolvis by risking your life to participate to the program “A choice for all”.

Thus, heighten your 5 senses or you will encounter a tragic destiny and condemn the humanity.” (text adapted from Immersia)

Paris - Immersia - Evolvis - Masque - light

The immersion starts already before your entrance into the room, with an extensive and funny briefing by the gamemaster, followed by him endorsing his role of a recruiting agent for Evolvis. The decors in the room are simple, but the various interactions with the actors during the game will really foster the immersion. They will make sure to make you feel the tension of a spy trying not to get caught! There are also several tongue-in-a-cheek jokes in the room with well-chosen movie references.

You will be recruited by Evolvis not only on your intellectual capacities but also on your perceptual competences. Therefore, puzzles will test your vision, hear and smell, but also more originally your taste and sense of position in space. Some other puzzles are more classical, and there are quite a lock of padlocks or digicodes, but a couple of puzzles originally require you to interact with actors, and they leave a lot of room for improvisation. Note also that you can play this adventure in a competitive mode, with two teams playing the same adventure in parallel in two different rooms.

Paris - Immersia - Evolvis - Blouse - light.jpg

The ultimate strength of Immersia definitely lies in its hosting: like Clovis who followed us in The Lost Temple of Cthulhu, our gamemaster Vivien was an energetic and very friendly host, who knew perfectly how to put pressure on us in a humorous way when playing an Evolvis agent. The team also put great care to make elaborate and fun team pictures once your adventure is finished.

We escaped the game after 51 minutes, and when I say “escape”, I mean it – never had I been escaping so fast and so far!

Evolvis really stands out for its originality and energy among the escape games in Paris. Although this is not the most technologically sophisticated room out there, the actors made it super exhilarating and fun to play, and it stands out as very much recommended!

Game tested in January 2019 (photos: Immersia)

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