Funhaven: Ripple Creek

Game experience: ENTERTAINING
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The progressive discovery of the terrible truth 

The sound effects

Classical puzzles 

The noises of the park that contrast the creepy atmosphere

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Just after our very good experience of Rainforest Renegades at Funhaven, we jumped to a darker atmosphere at Ripple Creek. Your team of investigators has been contacted by a man (your gamemaster) whose uncle has disappeared. Investigating his home might help you determine what happened to him, so you are left on his doorstep, with your first task being to open the door.

Immersion: The decors are those of a cabin with a horror touch. There are a few gore elements but nothing really scary, so unless you’re especially sensitive to this kind of atmosphere, you should not be worried (the room is for 16+ years old only though). The eerie music and punctual, well-chosen sound effects further the immersion. There are some elements of scenario to discover which, albeit simple, fits well with the theme.

Puzzles: The puzzles are varied: they involved observation, logic and associating elements found over the place. The puzzle structure is well-designed, with many puzzles that different players can try to solve in parallel. Many of the puzzles are quite classical in nature, with nearly all of them being padlock-based, and codes to find at various places.

Hosting: Our friendly host JP gave us hints at a good pace to avoid we would get stuck. He entered the room a couple of times, which somewhat damaged the immersion, but that may have been due to some internet problems on this day. I would definitely recommend you to play this adventure on the evening: first, you will probably want to avoid the noise of the kids shouting in the amusement center, which contrasts with this creepy atmosphere; and second, this kind of environment might be more impressive by night.

Despite its recent opening (September 2018), this is very much a first-generation room. We had fun playing it though, as everything ran smoothly, making it a pleasant adventure. Because of the relatively classical character of the puzzles, we escaped it with around 20 minutes left on the counter. It is a good alternative to Rainforest Renegades if you have only a few escape rooms under your belt or are a smaller team: it was doable as 2 experienced players, and 4 players should be a good number to play it.

Game tested in March 2019 (picture: Ruben Mishchuk on Unsplash)

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