Sauve Qui Peut: Dendera’s secret

Game experience: VERY GOOD
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4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,0 stars
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Very nice Egyptian decors

Sophisticated mechanisms

A team of passionate gamemasters

The gamemaster entering into the room before the game starts

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Dendera’s Secret is a direct portal from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, located 50 kms away from Montreal, to the Egyptian Dendera Temple. This sacred edifice encloses the mysteries of the death and resurrection of Osiris, deity of the afterlife. The place is kept by Osiris’s son and savior, Anubis, as you will discover… if you manage to enter the Temple!

As far back as you can remember, your parents, who are renowned archeologists, have been telling you stories about Egypt. One in particular has always held your interest: the story of Dendera’s Secret. Having decided to follow in your family’s footsteps, you are now an established archeologist yourself.
Now that you have a few years of experience under your belt, you have decided to devote your career to researching the mysterious pyramid in the enigmatic story of Dendera’s Secret. Now that you have pinpointed its location, it is finally time to unlock the secrets within.” (text: Sauve qui peut)

Your team of adventurers is now in front of the Dendera temple. The stars are aligned, the door is unlocked for one complete hour. Inspired by Indiana Jones’ spirit, you will enter the old sanctuary to fetch the heavily secured sacred Light. Will you be able to steal it under the watch of the Heart Weighting God, Anubis?

Immersion: The pictograms on the walls, the sand, the enigmatic music will all make you feel like you are there, in ancient Egypt. The paintings on the wall and the mechanisms add to the remarkable immersion. You will receive your hints through a walkie-talkie, which for once fits right with the theme.

Puzzles: Many of the puzzles involve some tiles manipulation, as you would have expected in any good classic adventure movie: no conventional key or code lock (it would have been weird in an ancient Egyptian temple, wouldn’t it?). The searching was interesting and not like “oh! there is a paper in that jacket pocket”. There weren’t a lot of puzzles but they were smartly designed. The room is correctly labeled as beginner-friendly but it is certainly interesting to play even for more veteran players.

Hosting: The gamemaster started into the room with us as a… gamemaster. Maybe impersonating a character would have furthered the immersion. After he left, a video started: its first part presented generic rules of security (which would have played better if there were given before entering the room), and the second part presented the story. The hints we received were helpful. You cannot use more than three hints to count your escape as a victory; however, one thing that new players will really appreciate is that you can ask for more hints if you want to finish the room (it just won’t be registered as a victory, but… it will, if you consider having fun as a victory!). Also, the team makes you feel at home, they are super nice people and escape game lovers!

To sum up, this escape room is beautiful and entertaining. I do recommend it as one of your first room there: it might be challenging, but you can use more than three hints to ensure you won’t be locked up in the temple for eternity. In the end, this is what you can call a very good room.

Game tested in March 2019 (picture: Sauve Qui Peut); Article written by Franz de Telek

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