Funhaven: Crystal Cave

Game experience: GOOD
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A perfect introduction to escape rooms for kids 

A fully automated room

Nothing, as long as you scale your expectations to the duration (10 minutes) and price (5$) of the room

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Ottawa - Funhaven - Crystal Cave presentation light

This room in amusement park Funhaven is not your regular escape game experience, but rather an introduction to escape rooms for kids. You do not need any booking to play this room, and it will set you back 20 credits per person (approximately 5$). As you can imagine, the experience is scaled to the price: the room is very small, and you have to escape in 10 minutes.

You have to restore the magical power in the kingdom! For this, you need to fulfill three quests in a beautiful, small cave in which stands a mysterious throne. The puzzles are intuitive and should be very adequate for children, although we only played it as a team of 2 adults. The room is fully automated and will reset itself at the end without any intervention of a gamemaster, a bit similarly to the famous 5 Wits in the US.

As you could expect, this was our fastest exit ever in an escape room, 3 minutes 30 seconds after we entered (!). Obviously, you have to scale your expectations to the price of the room, and I would not recommended it for escape room enthusiasts (except as an object of curiosity) – the goal is to make children discover escape rooms. And it should fulfill this goal perfectly, and be a really fun experience for them: I can imagine how thrilled I would have been if I had been 6 or 7 years old! Adults could turn instead to Ripple Creek for beginners, or Rainforest Renegades for somewhat experienced players. It is definitely a great feature of Funhaven to have such a variety of escape games for all kinds of audience!

Game tested in March 2018 (Photo: Joshua Sortino on Unsplash)

You can find a video presentation here.

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