Sauve Qui Peut: Dream Weekend

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
5,0 stars 4,5 stars 4,5 stars
Plus Minus
A very original game full of surprises
Smart puzzles which play with your expectations
A slightly annoying music at some point

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After Secret of Dendera and Undercover Bar, we continued our “dream Sunday” with the appropriately named “Dream Week-end”!

In order to escape their daughter’s school problems and have a great time with their family, Élodie’s parents planned a weekend getaway to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. A weekend without technology. A time to relax and reconnect. … Or as Elodie’s mother would say, a “dream weekend”!

Elodie will be confronted with a disturbing series of events that will occur in the Airbnb. This dream weekend will quickly turn into a nightmare. Your important mission will be to get her out of this annoying situation: Will you make it in time?” (text adapted from Sauve Qui Peut)

This game was created after all other rooms at the same venue were set up, and only a small area remained. The challenge for the owner was therefore to squeeze an additional game into a small space – and I must say that he passed it with flying colors: this room has definitely the highest rate of fun per square meter I’ve ever seen in an escape game!

Immersion: Dream Weekend starts classically, in a small but cosy Airbnb room, with a video telling Elodie’s story. You will soon fall into a much more disorienting atmosphere, where you will certainly wonder what is happening. Every detail, from the painting on the walls to the decor, were very well crafted. The final room was certainly my favorite, making us travel into unchartered territories! The sound immersion fit perfectly every room – maybe even too perfectly in one of the rooms, from which you might want to go out as fast as you can, just to rest your ears!

Puzzles: The puzzles were perfectly in tune with the atmosphere of the room. As you could expect for a room geared towards groups of maximum 4 players, the puzzle structure was largely sequential. The searching process was definitely not easy: you will need not only good observation skills, but also creativity in figuring out where to look! One of the last puzzles was especially clever, and witfully played with our expectations.

Hosting: As mentioned before, the team at Sauve Qui Peut is super friendly and really passionate about escape games, and the hints were perfectly timed. Like in other rooms, the gamemaster entered into the first room to give a starting briefing about the room, but this was not a problem, since it certainly makes sense that your host would accompany you to your Airbnb room!

Note that one of the puzzles will require some very basic command of French language. Of the four rooms we played on this day, this is the one for which we were the closest to a failure, escaping with barely one minute left, after having fully used our 3 hints. We could feel the tension pumping up to the end, and the escape was therefore even more rewarding! We positively loved this room for its contrast between a mundane start and an unexpected, fascinating follow-up, which should surprise even the most experienced escape room enthusiasts. All rooms we played at Sauve Qui Peut were of a very high quality, but this one was probably our favorite!

Game tested in March 2018 (picture: Sauve Qui Peut)

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