Sauve Qui Peut: Poseidon’s wrath

Game experience: EXCELLENT
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Awe-inspiring decor
The sound immersion
An ethical dimension

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We had saved “Poseidon’s wrath” for the end of our escape Sunday at Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, after having played three other remarkable games there (see links below).

The powerful God Poseidon, unchallenged king of the seas and oceans, is angry: for decades, humans have been invariably heading towards disaster! Unable to take care of the planet, they have been plundering forests, depopulating and polluting the seas, and jeopardizing the survival of all species.

Poseidon decides to take revenge on humans for betraying the future generation. He threatens to flood all lands to save the planet from them!

Your mission will be to steal Poseidon’s trident before it’s too late…” (text adapted from Sauve Qui Peut)

Immersion: Our adventure started inside a very beautiful submarine made of brass-looking material. I already had the opportunity to play a very good escape room in a submarine environment, but this one was definitely one notch ahead in terms of believability. We received hints from our “captain” through a communication device that fit perfectly with the surroundings. The last room brought another dimension to the game, with grandiose decor which evoked nearly mystical awe in me.

Puzzles: As you can expect in a submarine, there were tons of technological mechanisms to play with, which should certainly wake up the spirit of your inner child! The puzzle structure was relatively sequential at time, and one of the rooms was not so large, so four people should be a good team size. One of the puzzle also encompassed an ethical component, a rarity in the world of escape games. Only one puzzle, at the end of the game, was built according to a logic that seemed to us not as transparent as for others, even after finding the solution.

Hosting: Like in other rooms, the gamemaster entered into the room at the start of the adventure, but this was necessary to show which parts of the mechanisms were not parts of the game – as this could lead otherwise to a lot of red herrings. The hints were well-timed, and the owner is a passionate person who devotes a remarkable amount of time and energy to make sure his games are as perfect as possible.

Dendera’s Secret, Undercover Bar, Dream Week-end and Poseidon’s Wrath, four great escape rooms in one day: that was a first for me and my friends, and we left Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu delighted! It is remarkable that Sauve Qui Peut has such a diversity of rooms, each with their own atmosphere and addressing different kinds of audience. Even the most picky escape room players will be sure to love some of those rooms – if not all!

Game tested in March 2018 (picture: Sauve Qui Peut)

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