Escape the Room: Clock Tower

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Immersion4,5 stars   Puzzles 4,5 stars   Hosting  4,0 stars
Plus Minus
Some very original puzzles

Very nicely crafted props

A first room not very soundproof

Book here

Escape the Room was one of the first company to open an escape game in the USA. Since then, they have been continuously opening increasingly sophisticated new games. As their rooms can be found in many cities, the company could develop some impressive, fancy mechanisms while keeping the costs manageable.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock… The crazy timekeeper has been stuck in a time warp and needs your help to get things back on track. It will be time well spent!” (text: Escape The Room)

Immersion: The steampunk-oriented science-fiction atmosphere was very well done, including even a dash of mysticism. It came mostly from the props and machines all around the room instead of the somewhat functional decor: I had never seen such a variety of clocks or time-related devices! In the second half of the game, you will find a quite impressive video device which will make you feel that the room is integrated in a real environment. However fast you solve the game, expect the tension to pump up until the very last minute! I just wish the scenario was a little bit more developed.

Puzzles: The puzzles are interestingly varied: while there was an emphasis was on manipulations of fancy machines, there were also logical puzzles and a little bit of (creative) scavenging. The puzzle structure is largely parallel, and should keep every participant busy: I would say that five players would be a good team size. One manipulation in particular felt magical and was perfectly in tune with the theme of the room! Another puzzle involved thinking outside the box in a creative, satisfying way.

Hosting: There is a small, simple waiting area, with a couple of boardgames to spend time before your game starts. When we were in the first room, we could hear from time to time people playing other games, which was not ideal for the immersion. The four hints we used (the number is not limited) were given at a good timing by our friendly gamemaster.

Overall, this room was very fun to play and a wonderful display of impressive mechanical props. And after playing it, you should definitely try Jurassic Escape (at the same company but in other cities), which was even more impressive!

Game tested in April 2019 (picture: Jeanne Rouillard on Unsplash)

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