Boxaroo: Mystery of the Magician’s Study

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A super smooth game experience 

The very immersive start

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Mystery of the Magician’s Study was the first room opened by Boxaroo a few years ago. It had already received excellent reviews at the time, but they decided to stay ahead of the game, by updating and reopening it in late 2018, to provide an even better experience.

“You’re invited! Yes, you. Investigate the study of a once-legendary magician Viltore Madom. Your goal is to discover the secret of this mystical place… or at least as much of it as you can before time runs out.” (text: Boxaroo)

Immersion: Just before the game started, the gamemaster provided one of the most fantastic introduction to an escape game I’ve ever seen! Right away, you will understand that the magic is alive and kicking in this room… although you might have to boost it a little more, as you will see! The sound immersion was also very carefully designed, with pre-registered hints (some of which given in a subtle and immersive way) and a very fitting music. There wasn’t so much of a scenario though.

Puzzles: The puzzle structure was largely parallel, with all puzzles falling into place in the grand scheme of thing. This room could therefore accommodate a group of 5 or 6 players without any problem (there were only 2 of us, and it was a bit difficult at time, as there are quite a lot of puzzles). Several puzzles may look classical, and some of them are, but don’t judge too hastily! The room has a talent to play cleverly with your expectations… Several puzzles will make you discover authentic magic tricks, very much in line with the theme.

Hosting: We were briefed about the classical escape game rules by one game master, after which another game master welcomed us in an impressive bank vault to explain us the scenario. Although the game is not that difficult, the two of us did not perform so great (we really need to grow eyes…); but with quite a few well-timed hints from the gamemaster, playing the game was a super smooth experience. He provided a very careful guidance, and helped us to avoid to involuntarily “hijack” one of the puzzles too early, by putting us back on track. He also spontaneously offered a (quite extensive!) debriefing on the various puzzles, which is very much appreciated – too many escape rooms try to save time on this essential step. We had the chance to have a peek behind the decors; oh boy, what an impressive quantity of electronics they have! Finally, they also provided the most extensive written feedback on our game I’ve ever seen: a stat sheet informing us how fast (or slow!) we performed at each step, compared to other past groups. This is truly remarkable, and I wish every escape game around the world would have this system.

From our welcome in the comfortable waiting room to the flawless game flow and the extensive debriefing, everything flew perfectly during our adventure! Even if this room does not have the most impressive decors or puzzles ever (both are very good though), the very professional game design and gamemaster guidance made it a remarkably smooth escape experience. Stay tune for the test of the (also) remarkable Conundrum Museum game at the same venue…

Game played in April 2019 (picture: Mervyn Chan on Unsplash)

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