Boxaroo: Conundrum Museum

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,5 stars 5,0 stars
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A super smooth game experience 

A puzzle-oriented room that complement well their other room

The stat sheet given at the end

Nothing significant

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We enjoyed the Mystery of the Magician’s Study at Boxaroo so much that we came back in the afternoon to play their other room, Conundrum Museum.

“You and your friends take a trip to the museum when something goes amiss… it seems like you’ve been framed! Lucky for you, you happen to be the world-renowned local detective-in-training. You’ll have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and clear your name.” (text: Boxaroo)

Immersion: The introduction into the room was very immersive, with the gamemaster acting as a tour guide in the museum, and an original “wow” effect. The museum theme did not allow many eccentricities (except for this mysterious big box in the middle of the room, which will certainly keep your curiosity alive), but the immersion was convincing. The enigmatic music matched the room very well, and the pre-registered hints are interestingly given as information about the artworks (although we have to take their word on this, as we did not use any!).

Puzzles: The puzzles were definitely a strong asset of the room, structured around the different works of art. After a first bottleneck, the puzzle structure was largely parallel, and therefore very suitable for a large group. It is remarkable that most puzzles are based on padlocks, but nevertheless manage to remain very creative and use impressive technology – proving that padlocks do not necessarily belong to the past, as long as they are used in an intelligent way. A puzzle towards the end reused elements from former puzzles in a very satisfying way.

Hosting: From the immersive start to the extensive debriefing and the impressive stat sheet summarizing your successes and failures (like in the Mystery of the Magician’s Study), the game flow was perfect, with no hiccup whatsoever. Boxaroo’s professionalism is a model for the escape community.

The two of us were joined by a group of four who had already played a few escape games before, and this was a good team size. As much as we had not been so remarkable at Mystery of the Magician’s Study, we were very efficient in this room, escaping with more than 20 minutes left on the counter and no hint used. The latter is however more difficult than the former – having a bigger team here really helped.

If you’re an escape enthusiast visiting Boston, you have to try at least one of the games at Boxaroo – and while you’re here, why not play both?

Game played in April 2019 (picture: Unsplash)

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