Crack the Egg: The Shelter

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Many escape venues propose a variety of unrelated escape rooms. By contrast, Crack the Egg unified all their rooms with an overarching scenario: the quest for an intriguing egg that you have to crack open!

“The Shelter” is their third adventure, after “The unsettling professor Tychsen” and “Chinatown, in the triad’s clutches”. The humanity has been contaminated by a terrifying zombie virus. You are sent in time just before the last bunker would fall prey to the zombies. Your goal is to figure out what happened, find a cure – and, if you can, find the elusive egg and crack its secret! (although this last step will only be possible if you have played the 3 adventures)

Immersion: The game features really nice decor and a convincing sound immersion. A smart use of virtual reality makes you feel isolated in this Apocalyptic world, surrounded by hungry zombies. You will also discover the history of the place in order to understand the events that led to this disastrous situation. All this will definitely provide an epic dimension to your adventure! There are several references to a famous post-apocalyptic video game that should make you chuckle a few times if you have played it.

Puzzles: The gameplay is fantastic as well. On top of classical escape game puzzles, there are a few original challenges involving a video game and resource management in how to deal with the zombie threat. There is no padlock but instead a variety of fancy mechanisms involving hi-tech devices, one of which I had never seen in an escape game – it was just fascinating to see it slowly operating while we were solving other puzzles! An interesting feature is that the total time you are allocated depends on your performance in dealing with the zombie threat. There are some smart ways to visualize your progress, and some puzzles become progressively easier if you don’t solve them – a great way to avoid frustrations. Finally, the additional mission of finding the egg and the meta-mission of opening it after you played the three scenarios (which I haven’t done yet) brings a stimulating additional dimension to the classical challenge of escaping the room.

Hosting: The team was really friendly and passionate about their work – they are, rightly so, very proud about it! The gamemaster help was well calibrated to our progression. The gamemaster introduced us into the room by playing a role, which is always a good idea, even if the performance could have been slightly more convincing. There was no bug whatsoever during our session, which is remarkable, given the complexity of the mechanisms.

The six of us solved the main scenario in 46 minutes and took 8 minutes more to locate the egg – out of the maximum time of 75 minutes (but remember you might have less time if you don’t overcome perfectly the zombie challenge during the game). Four players would be a good team size as some rooms are not that large. This was a fantastic adventure, that joins our top in Paris without the slightest hesitation. Two more adventures to Crack the Egg for us!

Game played in April 2019 (picture: Unsplash)

A video teaser here:

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