Quest Factor: Jurassic Island

Game experience: GOOD
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,0 stars 4,0 stars
Plus Minus
The immersive decors and special effects  The weak storytelling

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You and your friends are on the expedition to retrieve the egg of T-Rex dinosaur from the island which you discovered to be a scientific experiment to recreate the Jurassic period of Mesozoic Era. Upon arriving at the laboratory you find that it was abandoned years ago, but it feels like you’re not alone…


It had been a year since we last visited Quest Factor, and after having us save a city from a mad scientist and sending us on a quest to find nothing less than the Holy Grail, this time we were invited on a tropical island looking for… an egg. Our suggestion to check a dozen of free range at Safeway got swiftly rebuked: we’re looking for a DINOSAUR egg, they said.


Immersion: As usual Quest Factor’s decors were truly immersive, and only the absence of mosquitoes would remind us we weren’t on a tropical island (we appreciate QF omitting the mosquitoes). The decors were reinforced by dynamical special effects (be prepared for some jump scares), although we also felt the whole experience could have been wrapped up by a more developed storytelling, especially given the scary potential.

Puzzles: The gameplay dynamic focused essentially on puzzle solving, with little searching to do around the room, but a tad of dexterity required to save yourself from ending as a T-rex’s dinner. The puzzles were all congruent with the theme, although there was not too much narrative connection from one to the next. Additionally, the gameplay was pretty linear, making it an ideal room for small groups.

Hosting:  The welcome and hosting was warm throughout, the gamemistress dispensing hints every now and then through a talkie-walkie. Since the room has no time-counting device, we also relied on the host to tell us how many minutes we had left.


The two of us managed to escape fifteen minutes before the end, a big fat egg in our pockets! Our visit at Jurassic Island proved entertaining, and would serve as a good introduction to escapists who would want to be challenged beyond a beginner’s level.

Game tested in July 2019 (photo: Fausto Garcia via Unsplash, Quest Factor)

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