Immersia: The Scrappers of Space – Steampunk Adventure

Game experience: EXCELLENT
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The interactions with the gamemaster

Very nice decors

The feeling of managing a real spaceship

Some technical bugs

In a world devastated by evil, you are a team of space scrapers who work on the recovery of old space wrecks. You have just boarded a drifting space capsule when your ship is suddenly attacked by an invisible and mysterious enemy. Your ship is damaged and you must remain hidden in the last available air pocket: this mysterious capsule that evokes the legend of an ancient civilization… Enter the strange capsule straight out of Captain Nemo’s imagination, and try to accomplish its supreme mission: save the universe from the evil that eats it from within. And who knows? Maybe the capsule will deliver its treasures to you!” (text inspired by Immersia)

Immersion: As usual at Immersia, your adventure starts before entering the room, with an extensive briefing in the welcome hall. Both your gamemaster and a video will introduce you to your adventure. Moreover, each member of your team will get a special role among the crew. As we entered the ship with Alex and Virginie from OWAG, I was very pleasantly impressed by its sci-fi/steampunk look. Brass, gears, bolt, all the classical repertoire of the genre is here! On top of that, the gamemaster will play the role of a character to interact with you, which adds a lot to the feeling of adventure. This game had a real epic dimension, with smart devices that make you feel that you are really part of this universe, and not just in a room. There are also quite a few references to science-fiction movies for the connoisseur.

Puzzle: There are no padlocks whatsoever, only automated mechanisms. The puzzles are varied, some of which rely on classical-but-pleasant association mechanisms, and some more innovative. But the puzzles are not limited to the material props in the room: some of them involve the gamemaster, and in our case brought some memorable and super funny interactions! On top of that, there are some manipulations you must complete to be able to solve the other puzzles, which add a lot of tactical nervousness to the room. Throughout your game, you will definitely have the feeling that you are managing a real space ship! You can decide the level of hinting you want at the start of the adventure; moreover, you will decide by yourself during your adventure how often you want hints, thanks to a QR code-based hint system. Finally, there is an additional side-quest involving treasures hidden on the ship – the more you find, the most successful space scrapper you will be! In a nutshell, a great gameplay!

Hosting: The welcome was super friendly. The gamemaster followed our adventure very attentively, with a lot of humor, not hesitating to make fun of us in the most stressful moments! However, there are a few elements which made the game slightly frustrating here and there. It took us a while to master the QR code-scanning system for hints. Also, one of the first puzzle suffered from bad electric connections. Because of this, the (correct) solution we entered did not work, and we lost quite a bit of time trying alternative methods before realizing the cause of the problem. A later mechanism was a bit malfunctioning too.

Overall, this was an excellent game in terms of both immersion and gameplay, that clearly belongs to our top of the very best rooms in Paris. I really hope that Immersia will solve the small bugs to make it a perfect game!

Book here

Game played in May 2019 (Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash)

In French: Find the test of this room Les Ferrailleurs de l’Espace by our friends from OWAG on the new platform Experience Immersive here.

Here is a video teaser:


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