Ready Set Go: Sedah 13 ave

Rumour has it, everyone who’s broken into 13 Sedah Ave. has experienced some sort of paranormal activity. A group dare turns into a horrifying nightmare when you realize that nothing about this place is haunted. It’s just a sick game, and you’re the main attraction. Watch out – not all groups make it out together!

Game experience: EXCELLENT
A 70-minutes long must-play for everyone who likes scary escape games and don’t mind occasional jump scares. You will certainly want to avoid going alone in some rooms, or be the first or the last to enter or leave a place. Too bad that some of you will have to!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
5,0 stars 4,5 stars 4,5 stars
A large space with creepy decors.

The scary light and sound effects.

A difficult decision to make at some point.

Several slightly different tracks can be followed.

An original physical puzzle.

Chosing your equipment at the start of your adventure.

A few distracting red herrings.

Someone will take close care of you, don’t worry about it…

Performance: Our team of 5 (4 experienced players, 1 beginner) escaped in 65 minutes, using 1 informal hint (not counted as a real hint).

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: Although not extremely frightening, I found this room more scary than other rooms I’ve played in Canada, such as The Truth of Osaka High in Toronto, Serial Killer Charade in Ottawa or Week-end at the Shack in Montreal area.

Game played in July 2019 (picture and text: Ready Set Go – Formerly No Way Out)

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