Roundabout: The Ninja

“You have been training for years under Master Fuma Kotaro. To assess your abilities, Master Kotaro hid some meaningful belongings in the Dojo. For this final test, you will need to work as a team and solve the Master’s puzzles. You have 60 minutes to find your ninja headbands and become full Shinobis.”

Game experience: ENTERTAINING
Despite some shortcomings in the immersion, this small room was original and fun to play, featuring original puzzles that avoid nicely the use of padlocks.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
3,5 stars 4,5 stars 3,5 stars
The Japanese touches (music, removing your shoes before entering the room, tatami and wood…).

A phone to get hints that does not fit well with the room.

No real scenario.

A cheap decor later in the game.

A couple of original, skill-based puzzles.

An interesting searching process.

The lack of clarity concerning where to begin can make you lose quite a bit of time.

One of the skill-based puzzle was frustrating.

Friendly, helpful staff.

The gamemaster enters into the room before the game starts.

You can hear the noise of people in the hallway.

Performance: I played it by myself and used more hints than allowed to escape. Note that you need to be at least two people for a couple of puzzles (the gamemaster helped me when needed).

At the same venue: I played also Butcher’s Basement and Final Destination 2.0 at Roundabout. Ninja was my favorite room because of some interesting puzzles. Butcher’s Basement had a slightly more polished immersion though.

Book here.

Game played in July 2019 (Image and introduction text: Roundabout)

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