Escape City Buffalo: Body Collectors

“The BODY COLLECTORS have selected you to be a part of their twisted games. Can you prove that you are worthy to live your life? Or will you become another piece of their ever-growing collection?”

Game experience: EXCELLENT
A creepy (but not too scary) room with fantastic decors, quite search-heavy. Make sure to decide beforehand who is the most courageous in your team, and good luck to him!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
5,0 stars 4,5 stars 4,5 stars
A striking start that none of you will forget.

A very well-made creepy atmosphere, with a fantastic attention do details.

A stressful sound immersion.

Very good parallelization of the puzzles.

An emphasis on the fun to play rather than on the competition, thanks to a large number of puzzles and unlimited hints.

Friendly host, attentive to any feedback.

It is difficult to understand the registered voice (but it’s not necessary for the game, as hints are given on screen).

Performance: Our team of 4 players (1 experienced, 3 beginners) escaped in around 45 minutes, having used more hints than I could count! (we need to grow eyes)

At the same venue: All three games are excellent and have awesome decor: play Body Collectors for horror, Over the Falls for adventure, and The Hangover for humor. Body Collectors is the most search-heavy, and Hangover is the least. The decors at Over the Falls and Body Collectors have the same kind of rusty appearance (with a much more gloomy atmosphere at Body Collectors), whereas the one at Hangover has a well-polished, fancy look.

Game played in July 2019  (Photo and text: Escape City Buffalo)

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