Escaparium Laval: Heist Today, Hero Tomorrow

“When your family goes missing, a man presenting himself as Mister X notifies you that he has taken them captive, and is currently holding them hostage. Your only way to ever see your loving family again is to break into the “1st Class Bank” and steal the Ruby Tiara of the Queen for him. Giving you only a one hour window, will you be able to steal the tiara and get your family back?”

Game experience: AVERAGE
Compared to other Escaparium rooms, this is an older style game with a simple decor and not well-maintained (elements of decor that are not fixed adequately, dirt on the floor…) Several puzzles were interesting to solve though, and we had a fun time playing the game. But you can find much better nowadays in Montreal’s area.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
3,5 stars 3,5 stars 3,0 stars

Quite simple decor.

A last room that made us really feel like being in a heist.

Several smart puzzles.

A sequential, padlock-based puzzle structure.

A physical puzzle in the last room that is not programmed to trigger as it would be expected.

Many puzzles do not really make sense in a bank environment.


The GM suggested us to take a hint at the right time.

An aged room that is not well-maintained.

Somewhat disorganized welcome and no water offered.

The gamemaster came with us in the room to give us the rules.

Performance: Our team of 3 players (one experienced, two intermediate) succeeded in 53 minutes, having used 1 hint.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: If you cross the border someday, The Heist at The Escape Game offers a much better polished experience of a heist scenario, in various locations in the US.

Game played in August 2019

(Image by skeeze from Pixabay ; Text: Escaparium Laval)

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