No Way Out: School of Magic

“Have you ever imagined yourself in the School of Witchcraft? Have you ever dreamed about using magic wands to cast spells? Did you fight against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in your fantasy? Now it is time to bring your dreams into reality and save the School from a great danger: Headmaster is calling you for help, it is now time to use the skills you have learned during your classes! Your mission is to find the philosopher’s stone and put it in a secure place. During this fantastic journey, you will encounter illusions and self-lighting candles, talking walls and secret books, magic potions and imaginary creatures!”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you have to play this room! Starting with your magical wand in an unconspicuous tavern, you will soon embark into a journey across various places that Harry Potter fans will enjoy recognizing. I have rarely seen an escape game with so many rooms, in so many different atmospheres!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,0 stars
A very large escape room that reflects on several aspects of the Harry Potter story.


The many references about Harry Potter that you can read in the rooms, in case you’re tired trying to solve the puzzles!

A very impressive and fitting sound immersion.

No padlocks, only magnet-based mechanisms that feel like magic.


The magical wand is a great prop!

A friendly gamemaster who followed well my progression.


The walkie-talkie is not a very  immersive tool to receive hints or emit light (you’re not supposed to use its lamp torch, actually).

The gamemaster enters into the first room with you, which is not ideal for immersion.

The sound at some point was not good and made one puzzle very difficult.

Difficulty: The game is not very difficult (though quite long), so I would recommend it for a large group of beginners, or a small group of experienced players.

Performance: I played the game alone and escaped in 50 minutes, having used 2 hints.

At the same venue: If you like scary escape games, don’t miss The Nun and The Unknwown at the same venue, which both feature an actor! (stay tuned for the upcoming reviews)

Book here.

Game tested in September 2019 (Image and introduction text: No Way Out)

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