No Way Out: The Unknown

“All residents of Vienna are whispering about the mysterious disappearance of the little girl Sandy. Her photo fills the space on every billboard and occupies live coverage on all the TV channels and radios. As a group of journalists you see in it a chance to solve the mystery and to get all the fame you always dreamt of. Will dark basements, scary and damp corridors, secret rooms and evil spirits be able to stop you?”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
The Nun was already frightening, but The Unknown was one small step ahead in terms of scariness – in a related, but different way, with here also the intervention of an actor. The realism of the rooms and the corpses was fantastic! The gameplay was slightly frustrating at time, as it is easy to miss some elements in this maze of rooms. Despite this small shortcoming, this game brought some of my most intense moments in my escaper life. A part of me will always remain prostrated in one of those underground cells, holding my breath and hiding my light, silently praying to remain unnoticed by the nearby creature… I will always hear the panicked screams of my friend as the creature found him… If you are a horror movie fan, you have to play both this room and The Nun!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
5,0 stars 4,0 stars 4,0 stars
A large number of rooms, where you will fear turning around any new dark corner, lit only by your torch.

A fantastic, scary experience – even slightly scarier than the Nun!

The realism of the corpses, a rarity in the escape world.

The presence of the actor made any simple task more challenging.

Some quite difficult and slightly frustrating scavenging tasks.

An unnecessary red herring.

A very convincing actor who found the “perfect” times to surprise us!

The gamemaster enters the room with us at the start of the adventure to give us some instructions, which damages a bit the early game immersion.

Both the English registered voice and the gamemaster on the walkie talkie were difficult to understand.

Some hints could have been given earlier so that we could spend more time on the later part of the game.

Difficulty: The difficulty of the game is very adaptable to the players, with more or less hints being given by the gamemaster, depending on your progression.

Performance: Our team of two escaped the room thanks to generous help from the gamemaster, about 1 minute before the end of the hour.

At the same venue: This is officially the prequel of The Nun at the same venue, but you can play them in any order, as the connection between both is very loose. Since I found The Unknown to be a bit scarier, I would recommend playing The Nun first.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: If I had to scale the scariness of the four most scary rooms I’ve played on a scale from 1 to 10, this would look as follows:
Sedah 13 at Nowayout in Toronto, Canada (unrelated to No Way Out in Vienna, as far as I know): 7.5/10
– Episode 1 at Le Cannibale de Paris in Paris, France (only playable in French): 8/10
The Nun (with actor option) at No Way Out in Vienna, Austria: 8.5/10
The Unknown (with actor option) at No Way Out in Vienna, Austria: 9/10
I’m not sure I would want to play a room that would be a 9.5/10 or 10/10…

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Game tested in September 2019 (Image and introduction text: No Way Out)

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