Escape Quest: Saw

“You and your friends awake in a dark room and find yourself chained and caged. The room will explode in one hour, if you won’t manage to find a way to escape. But for that, you’ll need to sacrifice one of you. Who’s life is worth more — it’s up to you to decide. But remember… Those who don’t value their lives, don’t deserve the life itself. — Live or die — the choice is yours. Let the game begin!”

Game experience: GOOD
This is the newest room at Escape Quest, and a very immersive one! It will involve several difficult decisions and be the ultimate test for your collaborative spirit. Our experience was a bit spoiled though by the difficulty to understand the voices during the adventure. Also, the very final puzzle should just not appear in any escape room, as it could lead to dangerous behavior in other escape games.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,0 stars 3,5 stars
A scenario featuring several difficult, important decisions.

A game that make you face your fears and disgust.

A very good recreation of Saw-like puzzles.

The need to collaborate, with each player being put in a “personalized” situation.

The first part can be slightly boring at time for some of the players.

A final puzzle that could lead to very dangerous behavior in other games!

The English voice of Jigsaw and the gamemaster in the walkie talkie are very difficult to understand.

When we were stuck, the gamemaster sometimes gave the answer straightaway rather than providing hints.

Performance: Our team of 4 (2 experienced players and 2 beginners) escaped in 52 minutes, having used quite a few hints.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: There are quite a few Saw-inspired rooms around the world. The most impressive I have seen to date is Body Collectors in Buffalo (USA, NY), for the quality of its decor. Instinct de Survie in Paris (France) is also quite good. However, Saw in Graz will make you face the most difficult choices.

Book here.

Game tested in September 2019 (Image and introduction text: Escape Quest)

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