Omescape Markham: Joker’s Asylum

“The Joker was once the pride of his circus, but after troubles started, he left and locked himself away in a mysterious asylum created by him and his doctor. It became his paradise, slowly magnifying his insanity. One day, The Joker decided to leave the asylum to plan his revenge. Before his doctor could leave a diary with the Joker’s secrets, he vanished. Now you are tasked with unraveling the mystery before The Joker finds you.”

Game experience: AVERAGE
At the entrance, you will be divided into two teams: up to 2 players will end up in a small room, and the rest will end up in a larger set of rooms. Unfortunately, this experimental game design fails to be fully convincing (especially for those in the small room), and the logic of the final puzzle is quite constrained. It could appeal to some experienced players who are looking for something slightly different, though (don’t expect anything Batman-ish, BTW).
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
3,5 stars 3,0 stars 3,5 stars
The discovery of the backstory of the Joker.

Somewhat simple decor.

The originality of the communication challenge between both teams.

The team in the small room doesn’t have much to do.

Several parts of the final puzzle were very ambiguous or just did not make sense.

 The gamemaster followed our progression carefully.

Very large venue, with not enough employees to take care of all groups.

Even the gamemaster could not make sense of a part of the final puzzle.

Performance: Our team of 4 players (2 experienced, 2 intermediates) failed to solve the last puzzle.

At the same venue: I played Prison at Omescape Lyon (also avaible at Omescape Markham), which I very much preferred. Nyctophobia at Omescape Scarborough also had an experimental game design which, although not perfect, provided in my opinion a better game experience.

Game played in July 2019 (Image by Pixabay; Introduction text by Omescape Markham)

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