Mind Quest: The Legacy of Nöo’Zaca

“In the South American jungle, you discover the traces of a long-forgotten legend. A beast called Noo’zaca, the creature of an ancient god, was brought to existence to bring doom and havoc upon mankind. Therefore, the other gods killed it and locked its remains in a shrine protected by magic for a thousand years. Its protection is now weakening. There is only one way to prevent the resurrection of Noo’zaca: you have to find the ancient shrine in the deep jungle and get hold of the Crystal Skull containing the remains of the beast. It is now only up to you to save humanity from the threat of eternal darkness.”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Although this room is not very big, it is fully loaded with fun mechanisms. Other reviews complained that a few puzzles would not provide enough feedback when they are solved, but this seems to have improved, as I only had this problem once. Come here to live the Indiana Jones experience!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,0 stars
A convincing recreation of a jungle and temple.

A good sound immersion.

No real scenario.

A screen to give hints that does not fit with the jungle environment.

No padlock, only smart mechanisms.

Several puzzles will really make you feel being Indiana Jones!

One puzzle does not offer enough feedback.

A booklet-based puzzle structure that brings with it a few red herrings.

The hints are often given as pictures that help finding the answer without giving it straightaway.

This room should be doable by a team of 2-3 experienced players or 3-4 beginners (not more, as it is quite small).

Performance: I played by myself and managed to escape the room thanks to a couple of additional minutes that the gamemaster nicely (and discreetly!) added to my time.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: If you like this kind of atmosphere and ever go to France, Episode 1: The Jungle at GG Escape in Paris is one step ahead in terms of credibility, and Le Temple Maudit at Clock Escape in Bordeaux has even better mechanisms, although both are playable only in French. You can also find this room at Victory Escape Game in Paris under the name L’Arche Perdue (adapted by Escape Room Builders, as it seems); from the feedback I’ve heard, the Budapest version seems a bit better though (also, I had a glance at the Matrix room at Mind Quest in Budapest, and it looked for sure better than the one I played at Victory Escape Game in Paris).

Book here.

Game tested in September 2019 (Image: Mind Quest; Introduction text adapted from Mind Quest)

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