Pirate Cave Escape Room: Pirate Cave

“Discover the world of pirates and become part of a treasure hunting mission!”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
If you enjoyed playing pirates as a kid, this room will delight you! Even if the decor is not the most sophisticated you can find out there, this room has a delightful “artisanal” feel and a variety of well-thought mechanisms that will immerse you in the pirate atmosphere. For all fans of Pirates of the Carribean or Secret of Monkey Island!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,5 stars 4,5 stars
The musical immersion and light effects.Several beautiful devices (padlocks, hint-giving prop…).

A very fun mechanical device mid-game that will really make you feel like in a pirate movie.

A few basic elements of decor (contemporary ceiling, simple paintings…)

A large variety of puzzles.

A parallel structure with many puzzles that should keep everyone in the team busy.

A couple of puzzles were a bit ambiguous – you’ll need good eyes in several respects!

The possibility to play not only in English, but also in French (with translated hints, introductory video…).

A friendly and passionate host, who really gives his best to make you experience the best possible adventure.

: With a team of 2-3 enthusiasts or 4-5 beginners, this room should be both challenging enough and doable. The success rate is 70% with between 0 to 3 hints.

Performance: I played the room on my own and needed a few additional minutes to escape, having used 5-6 hints.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: If you like pirate environments, Secret of the Black Pearl in Paris (France) or Pirate’s Prize in Toronto (Canada) have somewhat more elaborate decors, though less of a feeling of adventure as in this game.

Book here.

Game tested in September 2019 (Image: Pirate Cave)

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