Gozsdu Mission: White Mission

“Can you escape from an empty room? The key is right in front of you all the time, but you can get it only if you solve the mystery of the strange room and discover what an empty room can hide…”

Game experience: ENTERTAINING
This is an “abstract puzzle room”, for those who love puzzles and don’t mind evolving in an abstract environment. There is some poetic beauty in this intangible place. Do not expect any narrative though. The puzzles are nicely varied, but quite a lot of time is spent in the dark, which makes the game sometimes a bit tiring to play. The hosting is a bit basic.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,0 stars 3,0 stars

The abstract, disembodied beauty of the room.

No scenario.

The large profusion and variety of puzzles, with a parallel puzzle structure.

Some collaborative puzzles.

Too much time unnecessarily spent in the dark.

A few ‘IQ-test’ style puzzles that could be done at home in a book.

One puzzle could block you for a very long time if you don’t look at the right place.

One element is positioned surprisingly high – I’m not sure how smaller people are supposed to perform this step.

A friendly gamemaster.

A rather cold welcome.

You have to decide when to ask for hints (the gamemaster does not suggest you asking for a hint in case you’re late).

The gamemaster shouts the hints from behind the door.

I had to insist to get a debriefing of the room after we escaped.

: If you are escape enthusiasts, quite a few of the puzzles here will be well-known for you (but the process will still be fun), so 2 people should be enough. If you are not used to logical puzzles, a team of 4 would be better (not more, as the space is not that large).

Performance: II played it with a friend who had played a few escape rooms and we exited in 75’25’’ (out of 90’), having used one hint.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: If you like this kind of abstract escape games and go to Tokyo (Japan) you should definitely try the mythical Escape from the Red Room, which is much more innovative.

In French: Find the test of the same room in Locked Up Lieusaint near Paris by our friends from OWAG on the new platform Experience Immersive here.

Book here.

Game tested in September 2019 (Image: Goszdu Mission)

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