Komnata Quest: Bullets and Broken Hearts

“You can find everything you want from Sin City – cheap drinks, a girlfriend for the night, or a gun for hire. You can also find yourself in world of trouble. And if you do don’t expect the police to help. This is Senator Rourke’s turf and he decides who to execute and who to pardon. After curfew no one can leave the city, so you’ll have one hour to find the only thing in Sin City that can’t be found – The Senator’s dirty laundry.”

Game experience: GOOD
The owners boast this room as the largest escape room in New York, which I can easily believe is the case. The dark comics atmosphere is well rendered and make it quite fascinating at time, though the room could definitely benefit from better and less ambiguous signposting. Recommended for all fans of Sin City!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,0 stars 3,5 stars

A very large space.

An original attempt to recreate a comics experience.

A very cool finale.

Several fun and immersive manipulations to make.

Many padlock- or code-based puzzles.

For some of the puzzles, several solutions could make sense, so you have to test all of them.

A friendly host.

Some ambiguous instructions during the game.

Not enough light to solve some of the puzzles.

The padlocks and buttons that are out of game are not clearly signed or explained.

: The game is rather easy, and although the space is large, I would not play there at more than 4 players.

Performance: Our team of two escaped in 55 minutes, having used one hint.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: The atmosphere was somewhat similar to Undercover Bar at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Quebec City, although I found the latest somewhat more immersive and even more fun to play.

Book here.

Game tested in November 2019 (Image: Pixabay; Introduction text: Komnata Quest)

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