Escaparium Dorval: The Wizard Four and the Rise of Lord Thulsa

“It’s been three years since you saved Grashelle from Lord Thulsa’s enchantment and have been since become some of the most powerful wizards of the land. You suddenly receive information as to Lord Thulsa’s whereabouts and have to act immediately. Are you and the rest of the Wizard Four ready to confront Lord Thulsa?”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
A very beautiful Harry Potter-inspired room that involves strikingly elaborated mechanisms and no less than two final wahoo effects! Unfortunately, several elements are malfunctioning, a (too) common shortcoming at Escaparium. Despite this, this is one of the highlights of the escape scene in the Montreal area.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
5,0 stars 4,5 stars 3,0 stars

Very greatly detailed decors, without any fault.

Some very cool transitions between the rooms.

Two impressive final wahoo effects!

Fun family-oriented manipulations. Each magic gauntlet will make you feel like you master your own spells!

The puzzles are relatively classical.

A few text-based and observation puzzles are a little bit painstaking.

Many malfunctioning elements (in particular in the first room) which therefore become red herrings. Even the picture-taking process at the end was bugging!

We could hear some audio voices from nearby rooms and were never sure what was relevant to our game or not.

No board games or water available in the waiting room.

: The game is not too difficult (with the occasional help of the gamemaster), and would fit well for 3-4 players.

Performance: Our team of 5 (2 experienced adults and 3 children) escaped in 35’39”, ending 4th on the leaderboard (but remember that there were two puzzles in the first room that were shorter at the time because of technical malfunctions, so we should have taken a few minutes more).

2019.11 Escaparium - Wizard Four and the Rise of Lord Thulsa - 4th

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: The atmosphere was somewhat similar to School of Magic at No Way Out in Vienna. School of Magic has more rooms, involving more different atmospheres, but Rise of Lord Thulsa had more immersive effects (and unfortunately also more malfunctions).

At the same venue: This room is more impressive in terms of decor than the (also very good) Tyranno Industries at the same venue, although the latter functioned better for us.

Book here.

Game tested in November 2019 (Image and Introduction text: Escaparium)

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