L’Escaperie: The Alchemist and the Mysteries of time

“Artephius is the most powerful alchemist of the kingdom of Occitany. Some say he is 200 years old… Could he have discovered the elixir of eternal life ? Join a brotherhood of adventurers and prepare to face the mysteries of time. Will you manage to reveal the secret of the alchemist ?”

Game experience: GOOD
This is a classical room, but a solid one, with good quality materials and cool mechanisms. Most puzzles are classical (with one very cool exception in the second room), so I would not necessarily recommend the room to highly experienced gamers; but for people who have played less than 10-15 rooms (which is still a huge majority of the public out there), there should be enough novelties. It should also delight all those who enjoy a challenging searching process!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,0 stars 4,5 stars

Nice decors, with good quality materials

An immersive situation at the end of the adventure

A simple scenario and classical theme

A quite challenging searching process

The communication challenge at the start of the game

A very fun manipulation in the second half of the game

Most puzzles were relatively classical

A very enthusiastic team

The gamemaster gave us hints at the right time, making it challenging while avoiding it to become frustrating

: The puzzles are not so hard, but the searching process is, so bring your hawk eyes!

Performance: Because of our poor searching performance, we barely escaped from the room, with only 1 minutes 37 seconds left on the counter, having used 3-4 hints.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: The theme reminded me of the now defunct Alchemist’s Challenge at Gamescape; but the room at L’Escaperie belongs to a newer generation and has therefore more elaborated mechanisms.

In French: Find the test of this room on the new platform Experience Immersive here.

Book here.

Game tested in December 2019 (Image: Pixabay; Introduction text: L’Escaperie)

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