Enigma Escape: The Show (Red)

“Do you like challenges? Take part in The Show, the most enigmatic television show of the moment!
Get on stage and choose the Red or Blue course. You can also play the two courses one after the other for 2 hours, or play both courses at the same time to activate the dual mode for up to 12 players. You will be confronted with multiple universes, all different and full of puzzles. You’ll be surprised!”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
The Show will make you jump from one universe to the other for the sake of a puzzle-solving TV show. Although the scenario is a bit contrived and merely a justification to fit together thematically disconnected spaces, all those rooms are very fun to play. It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover what’s coming next! Your performance will be measured in points: you start with 100 points, lose one point for each minute spent and 2 for each hint, and earn 10 points for each room finished and 20 when you escape. Nearly everything can be translated in English, except two inscriptions that the gamemasters will translate for you.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,5 stars

The variety between rooms of beautiful decor and sound atmosphere.

The surprise when transitioning from one atmosphere to another one.

No real scenario unifying the whole experience.

The variety of puzzles and manipulations.

A very large number of puzzles that will make you neurons fire at very high speed!

The puzzles are sometimes artificially integrated into the story (remember, it’s just a show!)

Very friendly gamemaster, who gave us hints at a perfect timing and took  a lot of time to answer our questions.

: With 40% success and generous help from the gamemaster when you need it, the room is not overly difficult, but quite dense in puzzles. You will probably exit from there mentally exhausted!

Performance: Our team of three experienced players escaped with 7’01’’ remaining, having scored 96 points and used two hints. I guess that if we were only after points, we should then have abandoned on the very second we entered the first room, and thus scored 100 points!

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: The closest that comes to my mind in terms of diversity of atmosphere would be Docteur Qui at Destination Danger in Paris.

In French: Find the test of this room by our friends from OWAG on the new platform Experience Immersive here.

Book here.

A video teaser:

Game played in December 2019 (Image: Enigma Escape; Introduction text: inspired by Enigma Escape)

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