Tactisens: The Sensorial Adventure

“Dr. Windar has lost touch with reality and he needs your help. In this Escape Game dedicated to the senses, logic, experimentation and research, will you be able to put together this giant 100m2 puzzle? But by the way, do you know your senses? How many of them are there? And which one is the sixth one: logic? intuition? telepathy? This escape game based on experimentation, observation and organization will plunge you into a mysterious universe that will trigger your senses.”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
This is not really an escape game (and does not claim to be one), but more an “adventure room” with a succession of tasks thematically unified by the five senses. Many features contribute to make it a perfect place for a company team building event: the very large welcoming space, the reception room, the presence of another game on site (closer to a classical escape game), and the possibility for people to start the sensorial experience while another team is finishing it. The space is also accessible to disabled players – a rarity in the escape game world! Although their website is currently in French only, it can be played in English (just make sure to tell them in advance), as well as in Spanish.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
3,5 stars 5,0 stars 4,5 stars

The welcome in a “scientific lab” is quite convincing.

The decors are often quite mundane, as this is not the goal of this game to offer impressive decors.

That being said, part of the decor oozes a purity with some aesthetic value.

The scenario is more of an excuse for the adventure.

The humor and the fun play on words.

Very fun puzzles, sometimes surprising, with a hectic succession that will leave you exhausted but satisfied.

The tasting puzzle was the more elaborate of the kind I’ve ever seen in an escape game.

Some parts are not really puzzles, but more (light) physical challenges that work super well for team-building!

A very friendly gamemaster, passionate and well-organized, playing her role convincingly.

: The room is designed to be completable by everyone,  but a score will tell you how well you performed.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: You will find another experience oriented towards the senses in Paris with Evolvis at Immersia. Also, the organization of the experience as an adventure room reminded me of 5 Wits in the US, although the theme and decors are radically different!

In French: Find the test of this room on the new platform Experience Immersive here.

Book here.

Here is a video teaser:

Game tested in December 2019 (Image: Tactisens; Introduction text inspired by Tactisens)

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