John Doe: The Casino Magnifico

“We suspect that one of the largest casinos in Vegas is the central hub of a vast international drug trade. Our agent Romani has been dispatched to investigate. He informed us that a star, member of the VIP Club, is the head of the network and is using this club to spread his drug, the V.O.R.A.K. Since then, we lost contact with Romani. The drug is spreading very quickly and we need to stop this traffic as soon as possible.
It’s time for you to take action. Go to the VIP Lounge, identify the criminal mastermind, and sneak out quietly!”

Game experience: GOOD
Starting in a beautiful briefing space, this game will put you in the middle of an exciting scenario thanks to immersive videos that will show you what’s happening outside the room. Although the puzzles are relatively classical, they are pleasant to play and the gameplay is fluid. A very solid escape game, that you can find in other locations: Nantes, Lille and Strasbourg.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,0 stars 4,0 stars

You really feel like being part of a whole coherent universe thanks to immersive videos that put you at the center of the whole operation.

A nice and spacious briefing space, very fitting with the theme.

A contrast between two different atmospheres during the game.

A good diversity of puzzles.

A fluid gameplay with parallel puzzle tracks.

There are a few small red herrings, but they are not too distracting.

A dedicated gamemaster.

You have to use a bit of force to open an element, which goes against the briefing instructions.

Difficulty: The gamemaster will calibrate his help depending on your level, and the game therefore could be played by escapers of any level. However, I might recommend real beginners to play a slightly easier game.

Performance: Our team of three very experienced players finished the game in 42’23’’, having received 4 hints.

At the same venue: We played the Prison of Blue Castle, which was set in a creepier atmosphere, which I enjoyed a lot (review to come).

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: Bullets and Broken Hearts at Komnata Quest in Brooklyn (USA) was also set in part in a casino, but in a darker, comic-based atmosphere.

Book here (the website is in French only, but their games are available in English – just ask for an English-speaking gamemaster when booking)

Game tested in February 2020 (Image: Unsplash; Introduction text inspired by John Doe)

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