John Doe: The Prison of Blue Castle

“In the late ’80s, our agent Donovan had infiltrated a mysterious penitentiary in Eastern Europe, Blue Castle Prison, which was officially closed. We don’t know if Donovan is still inside or even alive. Infiltrated as prisoners, you will have 60 minutes to find our agent, and escape from this suffocating space while escaping the guards!”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
After the glowing casino environment, this game brought us into a much creepier atmosphere. The gameplay is well thought, and there might be more than you and your friends lurking in the dark corridors of this oppressive prison! A very solid escape game, that you can also find in Nantes, Lille and Strasbourg.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,0 stars 4,0 stars

A punctual intervention of an actor that really brings a lot!

A convincing decor in a creepy and oppressive atmosphere, that starts already in the briefing room.

A richer scenario than what you can find in your average escape game.

Many rooms.

Fun puzzles well in theme, with very few padlocks.

You start shackled and separated in two groups, which is a good challenge for your collaboration.

Too little light at the start of the adventure.

There was a little mechanical mishap which caused an important clue to remain invisible – fortunately the gamemaster saved the situation.

Difficulty: The gamemaster will calibrate his help depending on your level, and the game therefore could be played by escapers of any level. However, I could recommend a slightly easier game for a first escape experience.

Performance: We escaped in 52 minutes, having received 3-4 hints.

At the same venue: I loved this creepy atmosphere, but if this is not what you’re looking for, you can turn instead to the Casino Magnifico, which is also very solid.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: There are many prisons/asylum environments, but I think this is the first one I played that combined both. A very good prison environment can be found at Coop Escape in Paris with La Came de White. For a splendid asylum-themed escape experience, I recommend Lost Asylum at One Hour in Paris.

Book here (the website is in French only, but their games are available in English – just ask for an English-speaking gamemaster when booking)

Game tested in February 2020 (Image: John Doe; Introduction text inspired by John Doe)

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