Clock Escape: The Spy

“As a British spy, you are responsible for investigating a criminal organization that seeks world domination. All signs suggest that the mysterious Doctor Chaos is the head of this organization. He established his headquarters in his home where he secretly plans to exterminate mankind through the spread of a virus against which only chosen ones will be vaccinated.
You infiltrate Dr. Chaos’s lair when you learn that the spread of the virus is expected within an hour. You have an hour and not a minute more to investigate the spread of the virus, save the world and get away from the house of Dr. Chaos!”

Game experience: GOOD
A classical but good quality escape game, which I could recommend especially to beginners. The interaction with the gamemaster brings a fun additional dimension to the room. Also, the gameplay is well thought, as you frequently have to combine former elements you have discovered in the various rooms. For all fans of James Bond who are not afraid to face Dr. Chaos!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,0 stars 4,5 stars

A short actor intervention that brings some fun tension.

A fitting musical immersion.

This is set in an apartment, and therefore not the most exotic decor you’ll find out there.

The back-and-forth between the various rooms.

A good parallelization that enable players to work on different puzzles at the same time.

A cryptographic device was quite original, I had never seen it in any other game so far.

A couple of puzzles could have better signposting.

A very friendly and energetic gamemaster.

Some hints could have been given a bit more parsimonously, since we exited with about 15 minutes left.

Difficulty: This is a relatively easy room, with an official escape rate of 40-45%. You can receive as many hints as the gamemaster is willing to give to you, so even if you don’t finish the room, you will probably explore most of what it has to offer. The best score for this room is 37’ without any hints.

Performance: Our team of three experienced players escaped the room in 44’23’’, having received 3-4 hints.

At the same venue: We played the fantastic Temple Maudit, which won (deservedly) the French Escape Game Awards for the best decor in Nouvelle Aquitaine. However, it is unfortunately not fully available in English: you’ll need at least one French speaker to understand a spoken message at some point. We also played the Vaisseau Fantôme (review to come), which was pleasant but slightly less polished in my opinion.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: If you like this scenario, you will also probably like Dr Kang’s Apartment at The Escape Agency in Paris.

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Game tested in February 2020 (Image by ar130405 from Pixabay; Introduction text inspired by Clockescape)

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